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Quest4Change latest news

Quest4Change latest news

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The Quest Overseas dedicated charity Quest4Change has been getting up to some rather exciting things already this year and I thought I’d post a blog to let you know all about them.

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Firstly a massive thank you to all the volunteers and fundraisers who have worked tirelessly for Quest4Change this year, many of whom are still in the thick life as a volunteer.

Volunteer news:Cage building - Bolivia

In Bolivia volunteers built two much needed cages for Simba and Lishou, two abused Puma’s who have since been flown into their new homes.  

In Kenya the summer team of volunteers has got off to an incredible start, having already built 2 sand dams and extended one other.  They have been working closely with members of the Munathi self help group.

In Peru 5 homes were constructed on the Villa Maria project and volunteers spent  entertaining and organising recreational activities for 100’s of the children of this shanty town, friendship bracelet making turned out to be a huge hit!

Constuction of the first dam - Kenya  In Tanzania the group constructed a Tilapia pond which is now home to 300 fish who will provide food and income for the Waang’waray school, there they also constructed another much needed classroom and office.

In Malawi the Gap team worked incredibly hard building a Clinic house, which will attract good quality Dr’s and Nurses to this rural area.  The current team are building two classrooms and are working at the local feeding centre, it’s exhausting but rewarding stuff!

The team of volunteers in Rio worked tirelessly in their preparations for the carnival with the children of Mangueira and came an incredible 6th.  They also provided essential care for the disabled boys of Casa Lar.

The last ever Quest4Change volunteers worked at Yachana this year, building a greenhouse with and enclosed raised plan bed to protect crops from flood damage.

For all the up to date news from the charity check out the quest4achange blog and website.