post-title Quest’s ‘alternative’ Machu Picchu photos….

Quest’s ‘alternative’ Machu Picchu photos….

Quest’s ‘alternative’ Machu Picchu photos….

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Quest strives to be different, to challenge our team members and to inspire them……most evident when the South American teams reach Machu Picchu each year! The Quest tradition of trekking the Inca Trail dressed up, dressed down or simply carrying a porcelain toilet (yes it happened!) is still going strong.

Recent teams have really risen to the challenge, keen to cement themselves in Quest history….and in random tourists’ photos! The best of the best so far are below….

Where it all started…Maquipucuna Gap Team 2000 are the Men In Black

Villa Maria Gap Team 2003 take position on the legendary toilet…

Bolivia Gap Team 2008 take a more traditional line…

The heroic Bolivia Gap Team 1 2010 save the day….

Too much time spent at the Animal Sanctuaries for Bolivia Gap Team 2 2010

Villa Maria Gap Team 2011 as Where’s Wally….Can you spot them?!

Bolivia Gap Team 2 2011’s Incan Rainbow

Andean Expedition Team 2011’s Snow White and his (?!) Seven Dwarves….

Congratulations to all these teams for their fantastic efforts….long may the tradition continue!


Inspired? Why not join one of our 2012 Gap Year teams and see Machu Picchu for yourself!