post-title Rio team are one week in…

Rio team are one week in…

Rio team are one week in…

Quest News

One week into their Gap adventure, Team Rio have taken time out from their daily Portuguese lessons to give us an update…  And had time for some amature dramatics…  



“After a rainy first day in
Brazil, all eight of us are quickly adjusting to the rhythms of Rio. Between
the sun, sand, samba, and caiparinhas, it is most definitely an enjoyable
rhythm to adjust to. We started our language courses, and all hope to improve our
Portuguese in time for the project phase. After classes, we have been exploring
the rest of Rio.”

“One afternoon was spent on the idyllic and famous Ipanema
beach. Another had us climb up to the top of a giant rock overlooking the sea
and the entire city. Besides the beautiful daytime views and fun activities,
we’ve also experienced the amazing Brazilian culture and nightlife. We spent
one night in Lapa, where we learned the Samba by trial and error, and another
at a historic samba festival in Pedra de Sal, former center of the slave trade
in Rio. After an amazing first week, we’re all excited to spend as much time in
this city as possible…”



Thanks Nick for being the typist for that brief update which was apparently a team effort to write!  We look forward to the next blog and wonder what Disney classic might inspire it…