post-title Rio Team ready to fly!

Rio Team ready to fly!

Rio Team ready to fly!

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Carnaval Costume

It’s just a couple of weeks now before our Brazil team departs for their three month expedition overseas, so we thought we’d give you a bit of a sneak preview of what awaits them. Whilst their expedition includes some Portuguese training, a month working with the disabled boys of Casa Lar and a fantastic adventure through the Andes and Amazon, one of the big highlights is to take part in the Rio Carnival parade after a month getting ready for it with the boys in the Casa.

Although it’s a party, it’s also a very serious event with fierce competition between the samba schools for the best music, dance and of course costumes. The Mangueira school which Quest works with has recently finished the design of the costume for their members (and our team) – do you think you’d manage a night dancing in this outfit?!

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