post-title Sam’s “alternative” Bolivia Salt Flats Update

Sam’s “alternative” Bolivia Salt Flats Update

Sam’s “alternative” Bolivia Salt Flats Update
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We encourage our team members to keep the masses updated with the odd blog entry about their adventures. Some posts are more detailed than others, this latest one, from Andean Exped member Sam, falls into the “less detailed” category!


Before this is read Toby has to be introduce/explained. He is a loved member of the team, but loved like an ageing dog. He’s funny, caring, loyal, but at times can keep you on your toes.

On this particular day we had spent the morning at a pre-Incan ruin called Tiwanaku learning about its history, the culture and customers of its people. We then made the 2 hour journey back to La Paz so we could get ourselves prepared for our 3 day Salt Flats trek. The day had been an uneventful one until about 7pm. At this point we were still in a pizza shop, waiting for Matty’s veggie pizza. Who knew it could take so long. We had half an hour to make it to the bus terminal, plenty of time. However La Paz traffic was not on our side.

We disembarked from our taxi, put our big bags on and ran to the bus terminal. Usually this wouldn’t be an issue, but at 3,500m this was a struggle. Matty lead the way, and we followed. We arrived to the terminal just in time. But NO TOBY. Had we lost him? Had he been taken? After a worrying five minutes of hoping we’d find him and that the bus wouldn’t leave without us. We found him, looking slightly guilty, almost like an mischievous dog would like after having chewed up your shoe. At least we didn’t lose him this time.


We made it to the Salt Flats in good time, and in true Bolivian fashion the bus was late anyway.

The Salt Flats themselves were incredible, three days passing through ever changing environments and landscapes. I would recommend it to anyone.