post-title Shiron’s South American Adventure

Shiron’s South American Adventure

Shiron’s South American Adventure

Quest News

So what’s
happened since last time I wrote, well it’s been hectic to say the least.  First all I had to book the flight tickets
which in itself took its toll as I fought against others to secure the last
seat on the team flight – Mission complete! 




Next task was
tackling public exams amidst the chaotic process of organising all the various
elements of the trips: immunisations, promoting the work of Quest, fundraising
for the project donation and so on.  The
public exams have gone well so far but still a few more to go, and the
excitement is unbearable at present.  With
just over a month till we head off to Villa Maria, I cannot wait to leave
behind the stress and make a truly life-changing impact.  I have not yet had a chance to start any
further reading, apart from Lonely Planet guide to Peru; which has highlighted
the plethora of culture in Peru and the type of society I will be staying in
for a month. Also I think that I will have to brush up on my Spanish, but
supposedly the Peruvians are very lazy with their Spanish, is this true?  Well, I survived a week in Madrid so surely
this should be a breeze (he says reluctantly).  

Yeah, I still
have to pack my bag which is probably the most annoying, frustrating part of
the preparation process; suffocating the rucksack in an attempt to pack as many
T-shirts as possible and the strapping of a million and one object to the
exterior of the rucksack making the bag seem rather like a key ring.  However, I have been told that clothes are
pretty cheap in Peru and so I might pack very light and just buy the clothes
when I get there. Sounds like plan.

Lastly, I would
like to thank all my friends and family for their support in my realisation of
this worthy ideal; whether it is financially through generous donations which
will make a huge difference to Quest4Change to supporting me through this
intense period.  Keep on reading on my
blogs as I edge closer and closer to the project date.  I will try my very best to maintain this blog
with photos whilst I am in Villa Maria, but otherwise keep watching this space
in last August for exciting news on how the trip went.