post-title Snapshots from the Manu Project

Snapshots from the Manu Project

Snapshots from the Manu Project

Quest News

Madre de Dios River

The Manu team have been back a few weeks now, but thanks to Cliona we’ve got a whole host of fantastic photos of their jungle adventures. The selection below gives a great idea of what the team got up to out in Peru this summer. They worked extremely hard to complete the installation of a number of biogardens, allowing the community in Salvacion to grow crops productively and sustainably on existing land, rather than needing to clear new areas of rainforest and reducing the need for goods imported from the city. Alongside this they also found the time to teach informal English classes at the local guiding institute, and assist researchers at the Manu Learning Centre with ongoing species surveys. Well done Manu Team!

Team at the MLC

Constructing bio-gardens

More bio-garden construction

Relaxing on the boat

Crossing the Madre de Dios River

Species surveys

Community Education

Community in Salvacion, Manu

Selling bio-garden cucumbers

Volleyball game in Salvacion

Camping out in the Manu Biosphere Reserve

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