post-title So who was in Team Kenya.

So who was in Team Kenya.

So who was in Team Kenya.

Quest News



Rose Terry Assistant Leader. Throughout the trip Rose carries a rather nasty Alien object in her neck Medical Science is still yet to understand what it might be.  We decided it best that she lived in Quarantine till it can be defined!  Rose also got nasty stomach cramps when it came to the Budget!



Holly loves to laugh she never stopped even when times were hard we could always rely on her to laugh through it.


Vixs or Danno was a massive Maasai fan, she had an incredible grasp of shovels and could move sand at an ferocious speed.


Saf was the towns favorite, a linguistic genius.   


All the way from the Isle of Mann Laura was an unknown quantity at times silent and pensive however there were moments of rage!


Vicky managed to resist proposals of marriage but could not resist a big rock, the effort she put in and number of rocks moved would equate to a small mountain.


Gillian just loved the long drop and was known to spend many an hour in there writing her diary supposidly its where she found inspiration.


Amy was feared by the group following kicking a member of the self help group in the head (accident?)


Ted came out a tubby funster but went home a Cement mixing machine.  The highlight of Teds trip was failing to see a tree and running clean into it leaving him with a rather nasty splinter.


Simon, Comander of this troop, aka EMO