post-title Solar mobiles to take off in Kenya

Solar mobiles to take off in Kenya

Solar mobiles to take off in Kenya

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Safari com is Kenya’s largest mobile phone company have just launched a brand new solar powered cellular phone.  At the moment in Kenya 17million people own a mobile but just 1.3miilion are reportedly connected to the national grid.  So can the new phone save people money?

On average it costs 50 Kenyan shillings to recharge your phone, this would need to be done twice a week.

50KSh x 2 = 100Ksh x 52 = 5200KSh/year = $68.5

New solar powered phone costs = $35

In just 2 years the phone would pay for itself and with blackouts on the increase and many people having no access to electricity this could be Kenya and Africa’s answer.  The down side of this is that many people run small businesses charging other peoples phones.  A car battery is taken into town, charged, and then brought back to the village where the vendor then charges 50KSh per charge.

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