post-title Autumn Exped: Ice Climbing & Death Road!

Autumn Exped: Ice Climbing & Death Road!

Autumn Exped: Ice Climbing & Death Road!
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Week 7 Team Update

Our South America Autumn Exped team kick-started their expedition phase by tackling icy vertical drops on Huayna Potosi and mountain biking down one of the most dangerous roads in the world, Bolivia’s infamous Yungas North Road, or ‘El Camino de la Muerte’ (The Death Road) to locals.

Check out their week in photos:

Ice Climbing 101: Huayna Potosi

Climbing icy cliffs and chilling on glaciers, the team get a lesson in ice climbing…

image4   rosa-and-emily

team-ice-climbing   image2

image5   brendan-and-emily

image3 …and foot photography!

Mountain Biking: Death Road

Following ice climbing the team were treated to incredible views of the Amazon rainforest and rolling hills from Bolivia’s Yungas North Road…but the stunning scenery and breath-taking views comes at a price…the team had to tackle crumbling cliff edges and sheer mountainside drops into the canopy, as they biked through waterfalls, overhanging rainforest and swirling clouds…

p1290581   p1290658

p1290545   p1290629

p1290683   p1290703

Check in with us later in the week for more updates on what they’ve been getting up to over the last couple of weeks!

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