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Summer Team Update

Summer Team Update

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A Quick update from the field:

All but one of our teams are now in country and underway with their adventures.  Before we pull down the shutters at Quest HQ for the weekend (and what a weekend, another heaty wave on its way to Brighton) we thought we would put a general team update out for all the loved ones, starved of news!   

Team Tanzania have been hard at work all week at Frederick Sumaye School laying foundations for the kitchen, and are looking forward to letting their hair down this weekend with a double birthday party and some well earned chill time at the lake…  Watch out for the hippos guys!  They’re also getting some excellent practice in at traditional African water carrying – a skill worthy of updating your CV for! 

Team Villa Maria are finally united, after a cancelled flight and a night in a fancy airport hotel, Davide finally joined them yesterday.  They will be settling in to Villa Maria over the weekend, getting to know some of the kids, exploring Lima, and gearing up for a bright early start on the construction site Monday morning.  How many houses do we think they have in them?  

Team Manu also had a few delayed flights but all arrived safe and sound, if a little bleary eyed in the end.  Leader Jimmy put on a welcoming reception, and having been living up at the Manu Lodge in the Amazon for the past few months, is sure to be glad of the company of his team!  Weekends don’t mean anything in the Amazon Rainforest, and Team Manu will be cracking on with the project work in the coming days.   

Our all girl intrepid Andean explorer team will be flying down dunes at epic speeds with the wind in their hair right about now, as they enjoy a few days of Desert Adventures…  Remember to keep mouths closed whilst sand boarding chicas!  Tomorrow they will begin the first of the big treks, the Colca Canyon on Saturday, and word is they can’t wait to get going! 

Let us not forget the folk fondly known as our Bolivia Jungle Team, who have been hard at work for over two week and quiet as mice, having been well off the radar, at least in terms of internet connection, iphones and laptops!  We expect the team to emmerge from Park Jacj Cuisi over the weekend, bushy bearded and toned from two weeks of hard graft and a diet of pure health and carbs…  They are sure to enjoy a little luxury in the next few days before heading into park number two, Ambue Ari, and I am sure, will reach out and say hello to the folks back home.                

And finally, we have Team Malawi all on route to various regional airports around the UK – first stop, Amsterdam, where they will all be united for the first time, before travelling on together to Lilongwe.  Leader Rich is ready and waiting for them and has a jam packed month planned that will see them construct a new feeding centre from scratch at a new site for Joshua and Quest…  Its all very exciting.   

We know you will be on the edge of your seat with anticipation of more detailed news – we are too!!  We will add any and all news from the weekend in the early part of next week so jump online again then to see whats been happening!  Until then have a super weekend wherever you are in the world. 

With Love,

Quest office team