post-title Surprise gap year? Make the most of it!

Surprise gap year? Make the most of it!

Surprise gap year? Make the most of it!

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With A-level results out this week, you may have been landed with an unexpected gap year while you work out your options. This could be down to results not going as well as expected, or perhaps you completely surpassed your expectations and are looking to re-apply to different courses next year. Either way, it is crucial that this time you now have is used wisely.

Take a break of course, have some fun. But also get some work experience, earn some money, learn a new skill, all of which should put you in an even better position than if you had gone straight to university this year.

Likewise volunteering, if done well and chosen sensibly, will look impressive to employers and universities, and may change your outlook on life altogether. Quest Overseas has a number of spaces still available on our 3 month expeditions departing in early 2012, specifically our Villa Maria  and Rio Teams in January, and our Bolivia team in February. We don’t take just anyone, and will interview you before agreeing on a place. If you do feel that Quest Overseas could be right for you though, complete our application form and you may have your gap year planned by the end of the month!