post-title Tanzania #2 – The Rise of the Scorpion King

Tanzania #2 – The Rise of the Scorpion King

Tanzania #2 – The Rise of the Scorpion King

Quest News

Week two, in sunny Tanzania. To start the week, the team set out on a
hideous but ever so rewarding task of digging the trenches for the foundations,
back breaking hoing to be done. But succeed we did. Trenches 2 feet deep and 1
foot wide, and as long as Tanzania it felt but we wouldnt let it dishearten us.
And before we knew it, after chappatis and rice and beans, these bad boy
trenches were dug. And the bad boy rocks needed to be moved in. Guns galore
over in Wa’angwaray…looking forward to the weekly arm wrestle and gun show to see
how much we have improved!

The bad boy rocks got filled in quickly (much like how fast this blog is
being written) and we were on a roll, and a very sweaty one. The grueling task
of filling the classrooms up with soil before we can lay with concrete is now
underway, and it is turning out just peachey. The fundi are working hard to
build up the walls, this is going to get done and its going to be the best
foundations ever built. During the week some of the team have headed out to Sinai as well to
renovate a store room, lovely work! With some LOVELY lunches to go with. Big up
to the Trinity teachers that have helped us out on that too!!

Now for the biggie. Saturday at about 1 o’clock (AM!) we heard a yelp
followed by, ‘IVE BEEN STUNG BY A SCORPIAN’ at which our FANTASTIC leader got on
her leader hat, leapt out the tent and instructed various of us with things to
do, which included running around like headless chickens screaming ‘MR
MMFAULME’ at the top of our lungs, Fin’s still alive. And it wasn’t poisonous,
well not poisonous enough.

However, the day after, just chillin’ on our veranda Alix yelped that the
scorpian king had returned, even though we’d already killed one, it needed
battering, Alfred picked up a spade (giant spoon) and then battered it. Half
way through the earth to its core. We haven’t been attacked by anything else
yet.  But we’re off to bathe our guns in sunlight at the lake today, so Finlay
has been told to keep away from hippos, Evie has to drink enough water, and
everyone else is on the watch.

It’s been lovely, keep you all posted guys, if we don’t die from exhaustion from
working harder than the Kenya team.

Love and hugs, Team Retro.The  best quest team. EVER. EVER. Amen.