post-title Tanzania Gap #2 – fundi facts and Obama backpacks

Tanzania Gap #2 – fundi facts and Obama backpacks

Tanzania Gap #2 – fundi facts and Obama backpacks

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Holla ma’ chickens and children, this week me (big momma Lorny M) is doin’ the blog. I will start with Monday, because that’s a very good place to start. We went to the market, to the market, to buy a fat
pig. But actually all we bought was occra and kangas. Then we went to satisfy our meat cravings (Dom was starting to scratch the walls) and we ate 1.5 kilos of nyama choma. Im not even sure what flavour meat it was, but oh’ momma it was tasty! This week we have been working at Sumaye High School. We worked on a well and a water tank. Only just have the fundis discovered water, (now its thursday and they’ve been digging since tuesday morning!). I knew Jason’s divining skills, and divine intervention, wouldn’t let us down. More on Jason in a minute…

We have learnt a lot of facts about fundis (workmen) this week.
Fact one: they never sit down.
Fact two: There’s lots of fun to be had with fundis.
Fact three: Kari is a fundi.

I also met my big momma equal, the Sumaye head mistress. We have all fallen in love with that bubbly ray of sunshine lady. She said she’s coming to our house tonight, but I’m not sure she knows that we go to bed at 8pm.

Now to our dear Jason Kahembe, JR, JK, Reverend Jason, Jason Derulo, J Money, J Dog. He has done many wonderful things this week, much to our amusement. Firstly, his snakeskin jacket, fashion forward and practical. Secondly, the fact that his wife never lets him cook, so he was very excited to let his inner Ainsley Harriet skills out on us. He also taught us some killer dance moves, he likes to call “catching the
insects”. He also has a Barbie duvet. I’d write more, but I’d have to act him out at the same time in order for it to be funny. The puppies are all fine and cute! We missed them and Rafiki (Mr Mfarme) and we are happy to be back at Wa’angwaary.

See y’all later my chickens, from your big moma Lorny M xx

Now, a word from the American…

“I’ve learnt some magic words that win my place in any African’s heart… Barack Obama. Because we all look the same the only way I can stand out from these Brits is to whisper the name of my Kaka Obama and the African crowds go wild. There are backpacks with his face on, buses with his name on and I haven’t even made it to Kenya yet!”

P.S. Mental note: Hoho means pepper, not a hoe.
P.P.S. Slorn/Lorny, Karen, Shepard, Alix (man), Emily (also man) and Dominicie all send their Swahili love.

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