post-title Tanzania Gap #3 – football focus

Tanzania Gap #3 – football focus

Tanzania Gap #3 – football focus

Quest News

We are now at the halfway point in
the project stage of our Quest odyssey.  We continued to work hard on creating a trench for the water pipes. The pump was put in place and the tank filled with water. Finishing touches of cementing the well and taps led to the conclusion of our labours. We had finished! As we surveyed our work…we were proud!

It’s derby day. A battle born out of a bitter rivalry, a
match to outclass any match gone before. Today is Team Quest vs Sumaye Secondary School! Firstly let’s start with the pre-match warm up. This consisted of a strenuous weekend at the idyllic Lake Babati, watching the sunset with the distant sound of a hippo’s sigh of contentment. Drifting through the reeds with the tranquil ripple from the oar, we approached a small group of hippos, but as we did, there was a cry from Lorna, “Oh no, I haven’t taken my anti-hippo pills!”(Manchurian accent)

The whistle blew for kick off and Team Quest was ready for
action. Due to an act of hooliganism by some over zealous fans, our visit to the stone crushing was some what limited but still very insightful. The ‘hands of God by’ by Jason ‘Maradona’ Kahembe showed how ‘magnetism’ could be summoned by pressing twp rocks together!?  The teams were evenly matched after ten minutes play, with
Team Quest still eager to show off their skills. This led to a visit to the Women’s Group who look after the pig and chicken educational project.  As our minds’ wandered in a world of sizzling bacon and succulent sausages, we learned of the promising progress of the projects and how they will improve the community. Jason ‘Ronaldo’ Kahembe then proceeded to show off his outrageous skills at skipping rope, also made by the Women’s Group. His invention of new moves such as ‘the boss’ led to the team being in a state of awe and amazement.

The whistle blew for half time and the teams retreated into
their respective dugouts. We received some stern words from our captain, known only as….’Mufasa’! During this time our intellectual conversations consisted of, ‘why was Jesus named in Spanish’, and the revelation that ‘this time last year it was January’. The resident joker Jason ‘comedy central’ Kahembe also deserves a mention with the stomach splitting gag the geography is not a country!?

We then prepared for a ferocious second half and finished
off our rehydration (sachets). We charged onto the pitch ready to finish off our work at Sumay. With the rev of Jason ‘Schumacher) Kahembe’s Toyota, we knew we had arrived. The second half was tough, some say a battle of the titans. As the sun blazed ferociously onto our sweating brows, as if ignorant of our presence, we fought on…

Final score:         Team Quest 2   
    vs        Sumaye 2

And now for the wise words of the American…

When meal times come around it is always a scary moment for me. I’m never quite
sure which meal is going to happen. “dinner” might mean the meal in
the middle of the day, or it could mean the meal at the end of the day. But the
meal at the end of the day could be supper. OR TEA. Good American that I am, I
just eat what is put in front of me.