post-title Tanzania Gap #5 – Chins, Cassava and Fancy Dress

Tanzania Gap #5 – Chins, Cassava and Fancy Dress

Tanzania Gap #5 – Chins, Cassava and Fancy Dress

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Hello Faithful Readers,

It’s me, Big Mama Kari, bringing you the weekly report. This week has been a
whirlwind to say the least. Our hearts are a-flutter with “Secret
Valentines” and our bodies are getting toned for the coming Expedition.
Week Five started with the awesome experience of the homestays. Alix and I
stayed with Abdullah and his family and we got to participate in daily life
with them. We collected water with the help of a donkey, we helped rip the
heads off dried fish for dinner and we swept and cleaned up the next morning.
It was a really great way to see how people live in this corner of the world.
Dom and Emily were given a chicken as thanks for being such tidy house guests
and Lorna and Haydn shared a single bed with three children. Our tents seemed
mighty comfortable after our respective homestays.

Monday we jumped right back into work, preparing the fourth and final fish pond
and Wa’angwaray. We had the English speaking competition Monday afternoon. (the
rest of the team wants me to make it clear that we were NOT competing, it was
the schoolchildren who we have been coaching who did the English speaking)
Unfortunately, Team America lost. Team Chelsea (Emily’s team) came out on top.
Next time, Team America is in it to win it.

Speaking of Americans, another group of LTT volunteers arrived on Monday night.
The rest of the team was shocked to find that there are people who are MORE
American than me. Because Monday night was “Lion King Night” for
which we had all dressed up as characters from the Lion King, the Americans got
a nice surprise seeing us dressed up to the nines.

Tuesday and Wednesday we completed the fish pond.Tuesday night was Lorna Night,
in honor of Lorna’s half birthday and Chins were in on Wednesday. (We drew
faces on our chins and sat upside down… we’re just getting creative okay?)

Thursday we planted cassava on the farm. It has been decided by us that cassava
is the easiest plant to ever grow because these are the steps:
1. Dig a hole less than a foot deep.
2. Put a cassava stick in the ground.
3. Cover up the stick.
What’s more, cassava is a staple in the school lunches that Mr. Mfaume makes
for the children, thus always in high demand.

Friday we left Wa’angwaray for the day and headed to the Women’s group to build
pig sties! Jason Kahembe even trusted us enough to NOT hire any fundis. which
means, WE are the fundi’s. We all feel like we’ve made it, we’re officially
Tanzanians. It’s happened. Sorry mom, I’m not coming home! Anyway, Friday
night, to end my reign as Big Mama, we had surprise guest night! We all dressed
up as whoever we felt like. Haydn came as a catepillar, Lorna came as a Ring
Wrath (Lord of the Rings) Dom came as Father Christmas and I came as Maize!
Emily and Alix came as English people!

All in all a good week was had by all.