post-title Tanzania Gap #6 – The final project instalment

Tanzania Gap #6 – The final project instalment

Tanzania Gap #6 – The final project instalment

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Sorry I’m Late Folks

Here we are in our last few days at what
has become a friendly home away from home, adding the finishing touchs to our
newly built pigsty and the various other projects nearing completion. Needless
to say that while the Locals are making this week as special as possible with
gifts, ceremonies and the slaughtering of a chicken, there is an air of sadness
that we will soon be leaving the place and people we have worked and laughed
with over the past six weeks. On our final day we enjoyed singing and dancing
from the students of our local school and were presented with kangas as a token
of their appriciation for our work and english lessons.

As we rose on the morning of our departure and
began to stuff our homes into our bags it began to dawn on us (no pun intended)
we were actually leaving, dampening the mood severely. So much so that in a
Gandhi-inspired attempt to prevent our looming departure our cook Mr Mfalme
began a sit in lying down infront of our landrover. We decended down from a
mountain perch, our resident emotive Emily struggling to hold back the flood as
we began our trip to Arusha. Braving the perils of public transport, we arrived at our
destination where we fell weak at the knees at the sight of beds, showers and
toilets that went beyond our expectations.

After acclimatising with the new
groundbreaking breach in comfort we rendezvous’d with Amol and after what had
felt like a lifetime, particularly thanks to Dom, enjoyed our first burger in
weeks. Hitting the bar like a sledgehammer we embraced an evening of luxury
trading stories with other intrepid explores, all the while waiting with
anticipation for Jessica’s arrival, which was to be honest coupled hand in
hand with a much needed sleep. Now with our new and improved group we can look
forward to exploring the riches East Africa has to offer, all of us eager to
make the most of the new variation of challenges ahead.