post-title Tanzania Gap Team #1 – puppies, termites, and bucket showers

Tanzania Gap Team #1 – puppies, termites, and bucket showers

Tanzania Gap Team #1 – puppies, termites, and bucket showers

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Resisting the urge to only talk about the puppies that were born this morning (6 of them, 6 of us-Fate?) and the ridiculously cute baby we’ve just met, our first week has been the cliched adventure a gap year is supposed to be. So far we have endured earthquakes, lightning, sunburn, a questionable landrover, termite infestation and freezing bucket showers NOT refreshing like leader Alix “Mufasa” claims.

Once we had arrived finally and got to Wa’angwaray, we were straight into the digging and hoeing of the land- our first produce should be ready in a couple of weeks. Also tried our hand/got awesome at milking cows. Lorna’s lust for more ‘z’s in the English Language led to being engrossed in Swahili lessons with ‘mmm whatcha say’ Jason ‘derulo’ Kahembe who is our guide in pretty much everything.

We’re also attempting to help the kids of the school improve their written and spoken English since every moment on this trip is a ‘learning oppurtunity” quote Kari…. she’s American. We are fully immersing ourselves in Tanzanian life including indulging in all different combinations of rice, beans and maize you could imagine possible.

Our good clean fun of the last few days (well actually filthy) has been making cement posts for the recently purchased LTT land- our love of cimiti and its creation grows by the day. Its only been a week but so much has already happened, who knows what the next installment will bring….

“Team Winner”

P.S. and now a word from the American:
On top of the culture shock of being in Africa I have the added task of getting used to the English. All of my really good cultural references are lost on them, they call flashlights ‘torches’, the bathroom is the ‘loo’, they’re always talking about the X-factor and what the hell is pudding??

‘Cheers’ (not exactly sure what that means)

Follow their progress here.