post-title Team Updates in The Spare Room

Team Updates in The Spare Room

Team Updates in The Spare Room

Quest News

This week, 3 of the Quest Overseas summer teams finished their project work in Malawi, Kenya and Bolivia.  You can check out how they got on by clicking on the team update section of the Spare Room.  All the updates from the whole year are there and you can browse through them by Project title or Expedition.

The Andean expedition team are currently enjoying the pampas in the Amazon jungle and have another 2 weeks to go before they finish by trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

Here’s what a few of this year’s gap volunteers had to say about their experiences with Quest in 2009:

“I got to see so much of Brazil, including places I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to, had I been on my own.  The trip left me with a desire to go back to Brazil.  It was exhausting and exciting, and a real learning curve.” – Nicky Waters, Rio GAP

“Stunning, an amazing variety of experiences ranging from the worthwhile to the bizarre, no better way to spend 3 months!” – Tomas Wright, Villa Maria GAP

“Thank you so much Matt and Sarah for an incredible 3 months – I can’t wait to see you at the reunion!” – Hattie Foster, Bolivia GAP

“Some of the best 3 months of my life, home seems boring now.” – Chris Bentley, Bolivia GAP

“An amazing trip all round.  Fun and knowledgeable leaders meant it was a great way to travel S.America.  Project was rewarding and you could see what a difference Quest was making.” – Katherine Hill, Yachana GAP

“Although I’m wary of indulging in quotable clichés, Quest really without doubt the best, most formative and most enjoyable three months of my life.  Great value and I couldn’t recommend it enough.” – Thomas Wills, Tanzania GAP

“The trip was an amazing and varied experience ranging from playing football with the local team to jumping off a bridge with the spray of Victoria Falls splashing in your face.  The adventure of a lifetime.” – James Belcher, Tanzania GAP

“Trip of my life.  Would do it a thousand times over.” – Rebecca Mole, Malawi GAP