post-title The NI Young Ones in Malawi

The NI Young Ones in Malawi

The NI Young Ones in Malawi

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This Update is provided by Team Leader Joe who has been involved with the Charity since he was a young boy growing up in Malawi.


Malawi Orphan project

The Northern Ireland team arrived safely in Malawi and settled into thier newhome very well and made a wonderful friendly relationship with the local community.

One of the good things about this team is that they already knew each other from home before thier coming to Malawi so it was easier for them to be there for each in case any feels home sick and that was the encouragement from the leaders too.

They are getting on well with the local language here and following the culture well. They are also loving the local food.

The project phase for the first week went really well: goals achieved.

All the volunteers are hard working and listens to thier leaders all the time.

Talking about health everyone is fit and no sickness.

This weekend has been a little bit of seeing Blantyre and all the good tradition things it has. Sunday the team is expected to climb Michiru mountain which has an altitude of 1400 metres above sea level.

Its all our hope that the week next more or less likely the same with all the laughs from everyone and goal achieving.