post-title Tilapia pond success story from Tanzania!

Tilapia pond success story from Tanzania!

Tilapia pond success story from Tanzania!

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On our Tanzania project we work alongside the Livingstone Tanzania Trust, striving for a better future LTT and Quest aim to promote sustainable development through education by working alongside local communities. We do this by improving educational facilities, improving the community’s health through education and diet and developing sustainable forms of income to ensure self-sufficiency.


Building Tilapia Pond  Building Tilapia Pond


LTT has developed many forms of sustainable farming, all of which can be seen at Waangwaray Primary School in Babati, Northern Tanzania. After starting to help the school with renovations in 2007, which was in a terrible state due to the fact that it simply could not afford maintenance costs, LTT discussed the possibility of developing the school farm and starting to hand the management back to the school after 5 years. The farm has been a great success and has recently received the award for Best Farm in the Babati Region. It is now also a demonstration farm that anyone from the local community can observe the different farming techniques and copy what they like.


Building Tilapia Pond


One of the sustainable farming techniques developed by LTT have been fish (Tilapia) Ponds. Previously people were aware of the market for Tilapia but didn’t have the skills of knowledge to set one up and run it cost effectively. With the help of Quest Overseas volunteers LTT has lead the way and provided the community with the know-how on how to build Tilapia ponds. So far over 20 have already been built and over 40 are on the way.

Building Tilapia Pond  Building Tilapia Pond


A great success story is that of Hafsa Mpore’s son who a few years ago, then aged 12, set up his own Tilapia pond and is now funding himself through secondary school.


Finished Tilapia Pond


This is the kind of projects Quest proudly supports.


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