post-title Top 10 useful pieces of kit

Top 10 useful pieces of kit

Top 10 useful pieces of kit

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10. Gaffa tape; if you have a problem gaffa tape is usually the answer, from torn tents to leaking water bottles it does it all.


9. Para cord; ideal for hanging mosquito nets or used as a washing line.


8. Zip lock bags; for putting random stuff in, and preventing sun tan cream exploding onto everything you own.


7. Flip flops; stylish, comfortable and light enough to carry anywhere.


6. Strong chilli sauce; makes anything edible.


5. Padlock; many hostels have lockers for your valuables, one with a code means you don’t have to worry about losing your key.


4. Deck of cards; hours of entertainment.


3. Needle and thread; for the inevitable crotch hole.


2. Anti-bacterial hand wash; 99.9% clean hands anywhere.


1.  Tea bags; for when you really, really fancy a taste of home.