post-title Villa Maria Team – house number 2

Villa Maria Team – house number 2

Villa Maria Team – house number 2

Quest News

Here’s the latest from the hard-working Villa Maria Team – who have now completed the construction of their second house…thanks to Emma for the update and photos!

Day 8 – Was Dan´s birthday! We built 2 walls and went to the christ from which we could see amazing views of Lima . In the evening we had a dance practice for independence day, followed by Dan´s birthday celebrations which consisted of steak, chicken and Alejandro´s homemade cake (a luxury).

Day 9 – We built 2 walls and then painted the whole house. We had a dance practice again after discovering we had to learn a new dance which came with new questionable costumes.

Day 10 – The school celebrated Peruvian Independence Day where the children and we performed dances watched by the local community. Afterwards, we completed the house ready for putting up in the community.

Day 11 – Following a change of plans we made some alterations to the door and window. Meanwhile, Dan was busy breaking one of our few hammers, which Pato soon fixed!

Day 12 – Today we put up the second house following a wait for unreliable Peruivan lorries. Alejandro made us dinner and cake to celebrate the completion of house number 2. Throughout the evening the Peruivan children played a number of practical jokes on us.

Day 13 – Today was Independence Say so we set up a fete for the local children involving face painting, space hopper races and ball games etc. In the afternoon we made flyers which handed out around the community advertising our film evening for later on, which proved very popular. Later on, we joined the Peruvians in their Independence Day celebrations and once again celebrated in style.

Day 14 – We experienced our 1st Peruvian earthquake!!!! Lucho then taught us our dance for the evenings family show, but our lack of practice showed when it came to the performance. Guy and Dan added to the entertainment with their juggling skills and amazing magic tricks.

Day 15 – We ventured into central Lima and Miraflores, which was quite a contrast to Villa Maria. We saw the government palace and law courts amongst other things. We had our best meal yet in Miraflores in the evening.

Day 16 – An early start was in order for our 5 hour journey to Huacachina. When we arrived we were excited for the sun, the pool and the cocktails and soon began to sunbathe (or for some of us, burn!) We then went sandboarding and dune buggying with amazing views of the desert and sunset – one of the best experiences so far.