post-title Villa Maria Team say farewell to Ecuador

Villa Maria Team say farewell to Ecuador

Villa Maria Team say farewell to Ecuador

Quest News

Final update from the team’s language phase, thanks to Jaiya!

As we entered our final week in Quito, Jimmy and Pete decided to spring upon us a set of group tasks that would challenge our knowledge on the local culture, language and history – as well as make us look absolutely ridiculous! After a long day of running around the city, consisting of human bullfighting in the Plaza del Toros, Charlie’s Angels pouts with the policia and Titanic poses atop the Basilica (big church), the three teams tottered in, naturally shattered and immensely pleased to find the cook team creating a well-deserved pizza feast. The evening ended with what we were led to believe was a chick flick, yet only ended up being the most depressing and boring end to an eventful day… Thank you for the recommendation Alex.

Team Mompiche

The following morning came far too early for the likings of 17-22 year olds… however Pete was chirpy as ever. Although dragging oneself out of bed at 5am, taking two buses for 9 hours and riding a boat that barely even touches the sea itself is an absolute drag, it’s all worth it when you know your destination is Mompiche beach. The team was quick to whack out the sunnies and the swimwear, even if it was already 5pm when we got there! Much seafood and alcohol was consumed that evening, some indulged more than others… especially Olivia who’s determination to obtain drinks and retain her birthday hat and pineapple can only be described as admirable, maybe even militant (see photo – poor Pete!). Saturday was warm and lush, a day of frolicking in the sea and sand, and ending much like the last day with the added nursing of reddened Belgians. All in all, we had a fantastically chilled weekend at the beach.

Birthday girl

After Sunday’s long journey home Monday morning was one of refreshed faces, energized and ready for a student vs teacher football match. Although the girls were slaughtered by the feisty Ecuadorians, it cannot be argued against that we looked far better than them in our tight football kit, arranged as a surprise by the ENTS team. The boys on the other hand won 2-0… good job guys! Our competitive streaks carried us through into the evening with a laser quest experience that ended in a fantastic 130-64 win, but all praise must go to Flo who was quite possibly the first person the ever receive minus points for shooting too many members of her own team. Oh dear.

A create-your-own Mongolian dining experience awaited our hungry bellies in Gringo-land. Unlimited food and drink may sound appealing guys but if you intend on visiting this place just bare in mind that the Ecuadorian perception of Mongolian cuisine is a jazzed up stir-fry. The night finished in Attic bar where a few attempts to speak in French ended the night for Jaiya, Je voudrais une poisson!

Our final day in Quito consisted of the composition of our own personal stories of our time in Ecuador, written in Spanish of course! As we read our stories to one another it became evident that Louis idiosyncrasies had been noted by all, and of course adored. We wuv you Louis. The cook team once again spruced up an amazing feast for us and the teachers in the form of an uncontrollable BBQ that smoked it’s way up the four storey building. Atleast it went down well! The fiesta began with the premier of Jimmy’s first Quest video (amazeballs) and Hannah’s pre-birthday birthday cake, leading us on to our final and thorough exploration through Gringo-land that took us through the night.

Quito fun

Wednesday – mayhem!!! With a flight at 8pm, and one member flying on an alternative flight – had to be awkward Flo-Jo – the day was a blur of packing, last minute prison visits, mass Facebook photo uploads for the sheer fear of never seeing fast-speed internet again and purchases of gifts to show our gratitude to the hostel and school. All that and we still managed to create a wonderful board of our memories in Quito for the school the frame, best Quest team so far? After the consummation of last minute hot-dogs our postprandial run to the airport was ever so in tune with our manic day… welcoming us with passenger name confusion that resulted in a frenzied sprint to catch the plane, minus our tickets of course. An exhausted team of 12, plus the overly hyper Jaiya and Jean, lugged (and bopped) into Villa Maria, ready for phase two.