post-title Villa Maria team says goodbye to their project

Villa Maria team says goodbye to their project

Villa Maria team says goodbye to their project

Quest News

A Farewell to Villa Maria

By Zoe, Tilly, and Tom

Our last week in Villa Maria has rapidly approached, and we have began the process of reminiscing. We now laugh at our first impressions of Villa Maria, when staying here for a month seemed like a daunting and difficult task. Now after four weeks, which seem to have flown by, we are all saddened by the prospect of leaving.

Once again we have had an action-packed week, full of games, children, dancing, and let´s not forget the swimming pool. We have also had two more movie nights; Monsters´ University turned out to be a disappointment, and The Croods a surprising success. A direct quote from Rowan´s weekly movie review: “I almost cried at the end.” Most importantly, we once again had a great turnout of kids who all thouroughly enjoyed it.

Saturday night we had a BBQ fiesta with the Peruanos to celebrate our final weekend in Villa Maria… and celebrate we did. Thank goodness all we had to do the next morning was rehearse.

Earlier in the week Lucho had informed us that the final Domingo Familiares would feature the music of Grease, much to the great excitement of the girls in the group. The finalists, Hannah, Hannah, and Zoe, would all perform two dances each, and the entire group would do a grand finale. Rehearsals in the last week have been a ton of fun, and it is uncertain when we will be able to dislodge Grease Lightning from our heads.

When the big night finally arrived, there was tension in the air and everyone was eagerly awaiting the crowning of the victor. Over 300 people showed up in the Plaza to share in our excitement. After our last mesmerizing group number, Blonde Hannah was voted the winner for her spectacular rendition of Summer Lovin, with Clara, Claudia, Jess, and Tilly as her background dancers. Then came the sad part of the evening. As it was our last Domingo Familiares, we all said an individual and personal farewell to Villa Maria. It´s safe to say there were a few watery eyes and lumpy throats after that, especially when the children attacked us with hugs to say goodbye.

We only have one more day with the communities we´ve come to know and love. On Wednesday we are hosting a football/volleyball tournament in the complejo (a Quest first). Thursday is our adios to Villa Maria and we set off to begin the expedition phase. While we are extremely excited for what is to come, there is definitely a sentimental sadness in the group. We have met some incredible and unique characters here (Lucho) and done some incredible and unique things. We have lost all sense of shame and dignity, but in the best possible way. So thank you very much Villa Maria, and bring on the trekking!