post-title Volunteer News from Malawi!

Volunteer News from Malawi!

Volunteer News from Malawi!

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Hot on the heels of yesterday’s news that there weren’t updates to be had directly from the team in Malawi, here are two notes from Holly and Alex…..


Having a amazing time with everyone. We started decorating yesterday which was a lot of fun.We painted the alphabet, numbers and having a central wall with animals and a tree. So excited for the ceremony on Tuesday, knowing that all our hard work will be worth it. I’m having such a amazing experience, getting better with the language everyday and having a ball playing with all the children who wonder onto site. The weekends we have spent here are such a treat we have been to a lodge, climbed a mountain (which at one point i was being dragged up by Joe) but we were all so happy when we reached the top. This weekend we are off to a safari which we are all so excited about. Joe and Tim have been brill they are taking such good care of us and they makes us all laugh so much. Me and the girls were not happy at first with the toilet situation but they boys have created this toilet seat which is amazing!!

So excited to tell all my friends and family about my experience here.

Thanks so much


Just a quick update. Things have gone really well here, we finished the feeding centre on Tuesday and had the opening, lots of singing, dancing and speeches. Everyone is really pleased with the feeding centre, the children and the rest of the community were so excited. Today we held a sports day for the community, we had the children doing running races, frisbee, football and tug of war. We played the local women at netball, they were incredible so unfortunately we lost but we all put in a lot of effort. We then came home to no water so no shower!! Tonight we are hosting a meal for all the caregivers and trustees and then in the morning we are heading to the lake for a much earned rest before flying home on Monday.

Hope all is well back home.

Take Care