post-title Where’s Wally Quest style – Where’s Brimble?!

Where’s Wally Quest style – Where’s Brimble?!

Where’s Wally Quest style – Where’s Brimble?!

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Where's Brimble

Here by popular demand (well, in actual fact, only demanded by Matt himself), Quest’s very own version of Where’s Wally … “Where’s Brimble?!”.

Matthew Brimble, Quest leader in South America for some years now, is enjoying a break from the expedition lifestyle for a year or so here in the UK, but every now and then claims to be missing the adventure of Bolivian buses, puma walking and epic horse trekking in the Andes. As such, we’re offering those who were fortunate enough to have been part of one of his expeditions to contribute to this soon to be legendary photo montage.

I am offering the first contribution here, a photo of an 8 foot poster in an airport lounge in the Bolivian Amazon, advertising the local restaurant Camila’s. The photo is of Matt with one of his teams in 2009, does that make him an amazonian pin up???

Anyone who would like to add to this collection, just email them through to us and we’ll add them onto the website. In the highly unlikely event that “Where’s Brimble?” doesn’t take off as fast and furiously as Facebook did when it started back in 2005, you can at least content yourself Matt with the fact that everyone who flies into and out of Rurrenabaque airport gets to enjoy your mug shot while waiting for their next flight…