post-title Why pay to volunteer?

Why pay to volunteer?

Why pay to volunteer?

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Why should I pay to Volunteer on a Quest Overseas Project?

It’s not an uncommon question – if I am giving my time why do they also need my money? Below is a brief summary of where the money goes on a Quest Overseas project.  To start with it pays for your lodging, transport, activities and meals.  It also goes towards the identification of worthwhile projects, (ensuring that the work is needed and that it is sustainable).  Most importantly your money is making sure that though your time there is short, your impact will last for years to come.   At Quest Overseas we are committed to making sure that our projects and volunteers are supported above and beyond that of any other organisation. 

Volunteering with Quest Overseas is an investment in peace of mind.  Two trained, qualified and experienced leaders are with the group 24 hours a day for the duration of their time overseas.  We are therefore on hand to dealwith any unexpected circumstances which might arise such as a local election which can raise political tension in the area; heavy rain which may wash out roads and affect the transport system; or where volunteers fall ill or feel home sick.  A Quest Overseas leader offers support and safety and is furthermore is there to make sure that each volunteer gets the most out of their trip to encourage personal development and team building skills. Other companies offer in country support which means just that, they are in the same country.  This is not great when you think you might be miles away working in a remote, rural area.  


Quest Overseas supports grassroots projects that have very few resources.  These worthwhile projects struggle to support themselves let alone another mouth to feed.  You are not just donating your time you are contributing to the survival of the project.  The reality is, that while you are giving your time, it is not free for communities to host you.  This is in part why you need to pay to volunteer. 


Quest Overseas offers the peace of mind that every penny that is given to the registered charity Quest 4 Change – 100% of that goes directly to the project.  This will cover the cost of building a school, a sand dam or a vet clinic or other valuable and needed amenities. 


So although time and energy is a massive part of the trip we endeavor to ensure that not only will it be sustainable and done in accordance with the communities it means that your impact will go far beyond your time in country. 

 The areas that we work in cannot afford the materials needed.  This is why the money is so very important.


By volunteering with Quest Overseas you are contributing to making a community’s future brighter.  You are becoming part of something that will not only leave a lasting positive impression on you but also on the community you work with.  You become part of a sustainable grass roots project that in time will benefit immensely from you time and efforts.  To volunteer in Africa click here or South America click here