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World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day

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The theme for this year’s World AIDS Day is ‘Universal Access and Human Rights’. Although universal access to HIV prevention, treatment and care is a human right, across the world 9.4 million people are still in need of life-saving antiretroviral treatment.  Watch this video from Avert, the international HIV&AIDS Charity, explaining why universal access is the key to ending the global AIDS epidemic

The epidemic has heavily affected children.  In Malawi alone, over half a million children have been orphaned due to AIDS.  Thousands are forced to take jobs at an early age and live on the street without any family guidance.  A village community, however, will often care for a hundred of these orphaned and vulnerable children. 

Volunteer on the Malawi Orphans & Community project and help these communities support orphaned and vulnerable children, by improving the communities’ care, education and health infrastructure and working with youth groups.