One of the wildest places on the planet, Patagonia is not for the faint-hearted. With almost every extreme of weather possible – blazing sun, gale force winds and snow-blizzards (sometimes even all in the same day!) – it certainly opens your eyes to the power of nature.


But despite all that this place has to throw at you, there is no doubt at all that it is worth taking it on. Three weeks exploring the granite massifs of Torres del Paine, visiting the awesome South Patagonian ice fields, canoeing down the mighty River Serrano and walking with penguins through the strait of Magellan will leave you wanting for more.

Bored of hearing all those wonderful anecdotes from your kids? Green with envy after yet another set of mind blowing photos from their latest travels? Here’s your chance to surpass all their stories, and with that little extra bit of luxury. This is an active adventure, with cycling, trekking, kayaking and horse riding all crammed in. At the end of the day though we are coming back to a comfortable bed, hot shower and warm meal with a as much luxury as the location will allow!.

  • Visit the vineyards of the central valley in Chile
  • Trek through the incredible Torres del Paine National Park
  • Kayaking down the Rio Serrano in amongst icebergs and alongside glaciers
  • Experience the power of the Perito Moreno Glacier
  • The perfect finale, enjoying the tango and steak of Buenos Aires!

Time Location Activities
Days 1-2 Depart the UK for Santiago de Chile The flight over the Andes to Santiago is one to ensure a window seat for. The continent’s highest peak
Aconcagua, at 6,959m, is just north of the city and if the weather is clear, is quite a sight (remember, window
seat, right hand side). We spend a day in Santiago to have a chance to visit some of the sights of Chile’s capital
Days 3-4 Visiting the Wine Growing District A short drive out towards the coast, we make our way into some of the premium vineyards of Chile. Staying on
site at the Matetic vineyard, we have the opportunity to bike around the plantations, learn about the
production process, and of course sample the end product!
Days 4-5 The shores of the Magellan Strait The Magellanic penguins migrate to some of the beaches and islands near Punta Arenas during breeding
season (November – February) and a visit to these colonies will make you wish you could take them all home
as pets – they are adorable!
Punta Arenas also has a fascinating maritime history for those of you interested in tales of the seas. In any
case, our stay here is a short one, as possibly one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Americas awaits us…
Days 6-12 Torres del Paine National Park The jagged peaks of the Paine massif are the result of a surge of volcanic activity about 1 million years ago
which makes them, relatively speaking, quite a young mountain range. This does mean that although the
peaks are not particularly high (the highest mountain there is only a little over 3,000m), their recent arrival has
meant that they have avoided some of the longer ice ages, which is why their jagged features are still quite so
striking. Before we take on the Torres though, we have a brief introduction to Patagonian life, with a night on a
working ranch. Heading out with the “gauchos” on horseback for the day is an experience to savour.
We then have five days trekking the “Circuito Chico” takes in the Torres themselves, the French Valley, the
spectacular Lake and Glacier Grey and a boat journey across Lake Pehoe. You can’t miss the mountains and
lakes, but you will need to look carefully if you want a chance to see a Patagonian puma – Torres del Paine has
one of the highest concentrations of pumas in the Americas but they are still extremely hard to see – good
Days 12-14 Canoeing down the River Serrano Continuing on from the Paine National Park, it’s off to the River Serrano and into kayaks. This river is crystal
clear and is so full of salmon that you can practically pick them out of the water with your hands (practically…).
Paddle, fish, eat, sleep – bliss! (Please note, this isn’t a 2 day non-stop kayaking epic. There will be support
boats and lovely places to sleep en route, and the actual kayaking time will not be full days)
Days 15-16 Cross into Argentina for the Perito Moreno Glacier A more gentle experience of nature this time, but no less exhilarating. Crossing over the border into Argentina,
we have a chance to see the Moreno glacier up close.
Days 17-19 Buenos Aires, tango and steak A fantastic finale to an incredible trip!
Days 20-21 Return to the UK
Dates and Costs


Team Name Start date End Date Quest Overseas Payment Quest4Change Contribution
Parents Patagonia Expedition 18th February 2017 10th March 2017 £4,200 £250


The expedition cost includes all transport, accommodation, activities and almost all meals (with the exception of a handful of lunches in cities)

It does not include your flights and insurance.

Who is this trip for?

Quest Overseas Parents Expeditions were first set up to allow parents of our ex-volunteers to see the places their kids had been, but with a little bit more comfort and luxury. More recently, we have had friends of parents, relatives, and sometimes even ex-volunteers join us!

It is an active adventure, with a number of full day treks included into the itinerary. At the end of each day though, you will be coming home to some pretty special hotels and lodges. The only exception to this is on the Torres del Paine Trek where we will be sleeping in more basic refuges, but even then we will make it as comfortable as possible.

More Information

Food & drink
Included in the cost of the trip are meals in some fantastic restaurants, sampling some of
the best food South America has to offer. While we will cover drinks during meals, we may ask you to
chip in if it turns out to be a particularly thirsty night. Also, there will be a couple of occasions while in
towns when the group will be free to explore and as such we will leave lunches to your own discretion.
This will be only 2 or 3 occasions though.

We have carefully picked some real characterful hotels whenever we are in towns and cities,
with all the comforts you would normally expect, but not in the cold characterless style of a high rise hotel
block. In the countryside we will be staying in lodges, cattle ranches or camping refuges.

February is the end of the summer in Patagonia, so the weather should still be stable and dry on
the whole. Patagonia is full of surprises though so it will be important to come prepared for a range of
weather conditions.

You will be accompanied by only our best and most experienced staff. We have always said that our
leaders bring the trip to life for you –you will not be disappointed here! Their knowledge, professionalism and
enthusiasm are unparalleled.

Once you have booked onto the trip, we will be with you every step of the way in the build up for
departure, helping to sort flights, insurance, providing recommendations on kit, anything you should need.

Travelling alone?
Not a problem. Our price is based on two people sharing, and if you are joining this trip
on your own, you will be sharing a room or a tent with someone of the same sex. If you would prefer to
have your own room, you can pay our single supplement of £500.

What to do next?
If you’d like to find out more, just give us a call and we can fill you in with some more
information. To book a place on this trip, get in touch and we will send you a booking form together with
a copy of our terms and conditions. Any questions, just give us a call on 01273 777206.