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The Ultimate Quest- South America

Our ultimate three month adventure. Join our team for three weeks intensive Spanish training in Sucre, Bolivia, before going to the Inti Wara Yassi wild animal sanctuaries in the Amazon for 3 weeks. Then take on the Andes and Amazon in an adrenaline filled expedition through Peru and Bolivia stopping off at our Villa Maria project in Lima half way through to help build a new house for a vulnerable family!

Parents Adventure – Patagonia

One of the wildest places on the planet, Patagonia is not for the faint-hearted. With almost every extreme of weather possible – blazing sun, gale force winds and snow-blizzards (sometimes even all in the same day!) – it certainly opens your eyes to the power of nature.

Parents Expedition – Ecuador and Peru

We put this adventure together for the first time in 2002, for a group of 7 people. It being the first time we had run this itinerary, they lovingly named themselves “The Virgin Parents”! It was a nerve racking three weeks – delays and unpredictability are part of the experience in South America, but this had to run perfectly. Happily it was a huge success, and our Virgin Parents are now best of friends thanks to this unforgettable holiday. We expect this year’s adventure to be just as memorable, we hope you can join us.

Galapagos Challenge

Explore the wonders of Ecuador and the Galapagos islands, as well as competing in the annual Galapagos Triathlon or Marathon

Inca Trail Marathon

Take part in the annual Inca Trail Marathon event, while exploring some of the highlights of Peru.

Bolivia Conservation Gap Year

Join our team in Bolivia and work on one of the most unique wildlife conservation projects on the planet. Spend a month working in the Inti Wara Yassi wild animal refuges, followed by a mind blowing expedition through Bolivia and Peru.

Villa Maria Gap Year

Join our team in the shanty town of Villa Maria in Lima, Peru, giving thousands of children a summer holiday they will never forget. Then take on the Andes and Amazon in an adrenaline filled expedition through Peru and Bolivia

Villa Maria Summer Project

Join Quest’s longest running project in the shanty towns of Lima for 4 weeks in July, helping to build essential housing for families in the greatest need, as well as working with the youth groups in the district.
Followed by an optional 2 week mini expedition through the Andes.

Bolivia Summer Project

Six weeks as part of a team in the Bolivian Amazon, helping to improve the lives of neglected and mistreated wild animals, in the Inti Wara Yassi wild animal refuges.
Option to join a two week expedition after the project.