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Bolivia mountain biking- should it be on our top 5 list?

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New review!

We LOVE getting new reviews! This is what Steph from England had to say about her experience in 2013! “I travelled on the 6 week Andean Expedition through Peru and Bolivia in 2013. I was 21, straight from university, and we were an all girl group. Our bond was pretty much instant – nothing gets […]

Top 5 highlights on the Andean Expedition 2022

Top 5 highlights on the Andean Expedition 2022 Travel is back! We take into account all safety aspects to ensure you can get back to what you want to do: explore, discover and travel. The Andean Expedition is our ultimate 6-week itinerary, exploring both Bolivia and Peru. Almost impossible to leave out some iconic activities, […]

‘Time well spent’

‘if you can do even a little bit of good and try and help those that are less fortunate it’s time very well spent’ Landing in Lima I honestly had no idea what to expect of what my time in Villa Maria was going to be like. The initial shock of the conditions that these […]

Carlos and Juan- their story

These puma cub brothers are called Juan and Carlos. They were brought into the care of Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi (CIWY), the leading wildlife conservation group in Bolivia, in 2008. It cannot be stressed strongly enough how sad this photo is. These babies (3-4 months in the photo above) should be with their mother for […]

Villa Maria and the Strangest Trek in Peru?

Lima is vast. It is the second largest city in South America, with over 9 million habitants. You can find the super rich and the struggling poor within a few miles of each other. Quest Overseas has worked for 20 years with the poorest district of Lima, Villa Maria del Triunfo. We have built basic housing […]

Yellow brick road

Volunteer Ellie writes about her impact and impressions of the Villa Maria Project: I may not have arrived there on the back of a house, free-falling through a tornado, but I’ve never identified more with The Wizard of Oz than the moment I stepped off the plane at Lima, ahead of spending six weeks volunteering in […]

A Vegan in Bolivia

South America does not have the best reputation when it comes to catering to special dietary needs. When the national culinary specialities and street food essentially all contain meat, cheese and eggs, is it possible to live, healthily, in this magnificent continent as a vegan? Here are top 5 tips from 2016 volunteer superstar, Josefin […]

Travel Tip Tuesday: Water Purification

When travelling, water, or more importantly our access to it, is one of the most important things on most people’s minds. Keeping hydrated prevents such a list of ailments and problems I don’t have space to name them all! However, I cannot stress enough how drinking dirty, untreated water, can have similarly damaging results (guardia, […]

Buying your sleeping bag- a basic guide

Sleeping bags- the basics explained Down or Synthetic or a combination of the two? 1, 2, 3 or 4 season? Some of the vital questions you should ask when looking to get a new sleeping bag- here is the Quest Overseas basic guide to help you out. So you have signed up to an expedition. […]

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