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Inti the movie

With so much footage in the QO archive it was about time to put to together a little fun movie about Inti.  You can be part of the team leaving this summer by clicking here.  There are a limited number of spaces available.    

Garion’s fantastic roly-poly fundraising

Garion Woodcock- heading out to Villa Maria in July as part of our summer project team is quickly becoming a bit of a legend here in the Quest Overseas office with his crazy fundraising efforts. To raise his project donation Garion took to the streets of Crewkerne on 1st May roly-polying from the Town Hall […]

Villa Maria Team – Update from Quito

First update from Quito, by Romy Elliot Been here in Quito, Ecuador for just over a week now and really can’t believe how much we have done already. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that it could be possible to keep us so busy. The Spanish lessons, one to one, are intense however do […]

El Dorado-The lost city of gold

Since the time of the conquistadors, the legend of an ancient, lost civilisation deep in the Amazon forest has beguiled hundreds of explorers and led many to their deaths. Some called their dream El Dorado. Others, most notably Colonel Percy Fawcett, the gloriously moustached British explorer (and real-life model for Indiana Jones) named it the […]

Celebrating children’s rights in Peru

Helping to create the future militant students of their generation (!), the Quest school at our social project in the shanty town of Villa Maria has been raising awareness of children’s rights in the community. Thanks to support from the UK charity La Vida, dozens of children in this area are receiving education at our […]

Swazi team in Mbuluzi Game Reserve

The Swaziland Team are hard at work in Mbuluzi game reserve at the moment, undertaking giraffe surveys and building predator passageways to allow predators to move easily within the reserve. The team have another week left at their Mbuluzi camp, baking fresh bread over their fire – all very domesticated – before heading to Mlawula […]

Trailblazing in Bolivia

Always doing our best to keep our teams on their toes, our expedition staff have been exploring new routes for our teams this year, and what a treat there is in store for them. Our once intrepid trekking routes have more recently become well trodden highways so it was time to head off the beaten […]

2010 Bolivia team 1

  With the imminent departure of our first Bolivia 2010 going overseas we are awash in the office with excitement. Not only will they be learning the language and the culture but they will be providing much needed help in the new animal park of Jacj Cuisi. Followed by heading off into the great unknown […]

Tree of the week

Tree of the week“Deforestation is one of the gravest threats to ecological stability and food production in Africa”. Paul Harrison in ‘The Greening of Africa’ Life depends on trees – particularly in Africa. 80% of Africa’s total energy use is fulfilled by trees – with electricity only contributing 6%. My aim is to promote as […]

Congratulations Sam and Pat O’Kane

Congratulations to Sam O’Kane and his father Pat who completed the Hasewater half marathon last  Sunday, raising over £1,000 for Quest4Change.  100% of the money they raised will support projects which improve the lives of children and poor families living in the shanty town of Villa Maria, Peru. Sam and Pat before starting the Hasewater […]

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