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Villa Maria Team – Last Update from Ecuador

Written by our resident hospital inspector Joe. I knew I´d end up getting a mammoth entry to write! Anyway, Monday 15th was a teacher swap. Lucky for some, not so for others. In the afternoon, we went on an unforgettable trip to a fake equator and then the real one. At the fake equator, most […]

Villa Maria Team – Arrival at the Project in Lima

Just the first 5 days, but what a roller coaster! Written by Alicia Machin, very entertaining. WEDNESDAY 24TH FEBRUARY; to Lima and the slums! We got bus to the airport at 5.30 I´m the luckiest person – was upgraded to First Class and given an invitation to the VIP lounge. I was so smug and […]

Ex-Quest Africa Vols and Leaders – Possible Job??

Not with Quest I’m afraid, but another company has recognised the quality and calibre of our volunteers and leaders, and so have asked us to spread the word! We can’t put too much detail here, just that it is a London based job, looking for someone with experience travelling to a number of African destinations. […]

Marine Conservation Centre in Mozambique

One of the many benefits of being involved with an organisation like Quest Overseas is that you get to learn of some truly fantastic places and options for things to do around the world. The Zavora Marine Lab in Southern Mozambique is one of these. Zavora is one of the few places in the world […]

World AIDS Day

The theme for this year’s World AIDS Day is ‘Universal Access and Human Rights’. Although universal access to HIV prevention, treatment and care is a human right, across the world 9.4 million people are still in need of life-saving antiretroviral treatment.  Watch this video from Avert, the international HIV&AIDS Charity, explaining why universal access is […]

Jess Cycles Coast 2 Coast!

A massive well done to our Villa Maria Gap 2011 volunteer Jessica Bailey, who completed the 140 mile Coast 2 Coast ride last week, raising close to a brilliant £500. According to Jess, the ride was “actually quite enjoyable rather than sheer pain all the way”, reaching such heights as 2000m at Alston, the highest […]

Joshua Orphan Care Trust – new name!

Our project partner in Malawi, The Joshua Orphan Care Trust has changed its name to Joshua Orphan and Community Care and has a brand spanking new logo to go with it. The new name is a result of the ever-expanding work that the charity does, not solely focussed on orphans and vulnerable children, but on […]

Poo matters!

As anyone who has been on any of our projects can testify, poo can be a major issue – whether it provokes team investigations in cases of latrine misuse, is the cause of frequent minibus stops, or triggers inappropriate dinner conversation about various poo-related aspects…. But, more seriously, diarrhoea is the second leading cause of […]

Update from Bolivia Team 2 – Colca Canyon

Latest news from the field. The whole of the team were exhausted after the Apolobamba trek and ready for some time to relax. However our fearless leaders had something else in mind for us! After a 6 part transit day into Peru we felt very much immersed in the expedition phase of our travels. We […]

Bolivia Team 2 update – travelling up the Peruvian coast

More from the intrepid explorers Having finished trekking in the Colca Canyon, we headed back to Arequipa where in order to recover from the strain of the trek dinner took place at ZigZag, where we compensated for the lack of meat consumed over the last four days by each devouring steaks. Drinks afterwards lead us […]

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