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The Countdown Begins…

With the countdown to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa already underway in the office (632 days!) – we think it’s time to highlight and praise the talented footballers Africa has produced over the last few decades.  Each week we see the talent of today’s young African contingent gracing the Premiership – from your […]

£10 million for a dead shark in a tank?!

Modern artist Damien Hirst is surely going to be celebrating this week, after selling about 50 of his pieces at Sothebys for a total of £70million, including his famous “Kingdom” piece – a dead tiger shark preserved in a tank of formaldehyde. The question I have is where would you want to display this in […]

How are you earning money for your gap year?

Car washing, begging letters, long term loans from the parents, a combination of all of the above?! We hope the earning (and saving) is going well and want to help where we can. For example, one student came to see us today and was offered a place on one of our Villa Maria teams. She’s […]

Only 162 days until the 2009 Rio Carnival…

…and they’ve already started rehearsing! Music, costume designs and dance routines are decided 5 months before the carnival parade itself, nowhere else is partying such serious business. As a teaser for the Quest group taking part in the parade next year, here is a look at what what they need to be ready for…

Malawi Team – Amrit on Week no. 2

We are almost into our third week in Malawi and many a thing has occurred since week one.We made our way to Lake Malawi last weekend. Sixteen of us piled into three trucks; Elise, Bella and I in the boot of one which we made more comfortable with cushions, rollmats and sleeping bags, our intrepid […]

Summer ends and construction begins

Thanks from Bertha Huaquiluz Huaman for the latest house built with funds from Katie’s family and friends. Four more to be built just this month, and lots more families to help. Thanks for all your support so far.