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Happy Chinese New Year!

Today marks the first day of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Ox, which is traditionally associated with calm, fortitude and success through toil…fitting for credit crunch times! As could be expected from the birthplace of the firework – the celebrations in Beijing were spectacular, with the World’s largest uncoordinated fireworks display being […]

Goat Arrested in Nigeria

At first glance this story seems like a bit of a joke however on further discovery it only seems to highlight poor education and policing standards in Nigeria. Many Nigerians believe that magicians can change shape into goats.  The goat was brought to police by, as BBC’s Andrew Walker states, an ill-educated vigilantly squad who […]

‘Africa’ by Toto ruined!

Yes, that classic that every Quest Africa team has no doubt sung along to on numerous occasions while on projects and expeditions has been sampled for a new RnB track.  There are many covers of this iconic tune but this has to be the worst.  The remix by Karl Wolf, RnB singer from Canada has […]

An end of an era at Villa Maria

After 12 years of shenanigans in the changing rooms, Quest Volunteers will be moving to new accommodation above the school. For all you that have spent time there here are a few photos of how it looks now. Please feel free to write about any of the memories you have of the place. Be it […]

UK Breaks Extreme Ironing Record

UK sport once more triumphs over that of our friends Down Under…forget The Ashes, forget the Rugby World Cup, this time the UK reigns supreme in Extreme Ironing… Recently 128 UK divers have taken the record for the most amount of people ironing underwater, at a depth of 15-20m, from the Australians in freezing January […]

Kebabs – a healthy option?!

Good news for all of you out there who enjoy a quick kebab on the way home after a night out….it may not be as unhealthy as you think…(as long as you eat the right one)!! At first glance the doner kebab could seem a relatively healthy option, aside from its legendary grease and salt, […]

BBC1 Elephants and Bees

Check out BBC1 this Wednesday at 9pm and see Lucy King in action! That’s right; Quest’s former Africa Operations Manager is now part of a fascinating study into how African bees can scare Elephants. The series is all about Save The Elephants work in the Samburu-Laikipia ecosystem in Kenya. Since 1995 STE have been tracking […]

Drunk on the job

Here in the UK it would be out of the question to turn up to work drunk. Not only would it affect the quality of your work but the health and safety issues would be a nightmare! In fact if you were operating heavy machinery or driving it would be illegal! This view is not […]

Carbon Offset.

With the bitterly cold weather this Christmas you might be thinking ‘global warming, what global warming?’, but with plans for a 3rd runway and 6th Terminal at Heathrow carbon is still at the forefront of many people’s minds.So should we feel guilty about jetting off around the world? Is there anything that really does ‘offset’ […]

Choose your gap year souvenirs carefully

The British government has started a campaign to help make travellers aware of what they can and cannot bring back to the UK. Not so much focussed on illegal trafficking or smuggling, it’s more looking at preventing unwanted pests or diseases from bringing in food or other organic products. After the past few years, where […]