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Latest News from our Malawi Summer Team

Thanks to Liz Munday for her update from Malawi, keep up the great work guys. Achimuene! Having finished our stay in Chillingani, we have just arrived in Pensulo. It was very sad to say goodbye to all of the wonderful children we got on so well with, and the rest of the community, but we […]

Villa Maria Team – week two, house two

  Thanks Becca (Quinn) for another great update from the guys working hard in Lima: Day 11It was time to perform again! After a few more days of practice we felt more prepared for our next routines in groups of 2 and 3 with dances ranging from disco to mambo. The show went well everybody […]

Villa Maria Team does Pop Idol

After two weeks on the project in Villa Maria, our team have quite a following. Check out one of their latest Sunday show performances, can you work out who’s playing Michael Jackson??? Click here to see some more crazy videos of their time on the project.

Bolivia Quest Chicas 2014/Matty´s Angels

  One lonely Quest leader, Matty, reporting in having just bid farewell to the amazing Bolivia GAP team 2014. However, it is not a time of sadness but celebration- congratulations girls! You stormed through the Salkantay trek to the jaw-dropping magnificance of Machu Picchu. This trek, the final of a 6-week long expedition, allows some […]

Expedition update number one from Villa Maria Team

Written exquisitely by Noah (and the arc), Hannah banana’s flowery touch and of course with the soundtrack of the Frenchy’s cackle. 4am. The sirens of our alarms penetrated the ears of ten gringos. Exhaustion rippled through the darkness of Miraflores, Lima as the impending sweet prospect of our adventure lay in wait. ‘Bittersweet’, what better […]

A Level results – make your Gap Year count

  Here in the Quest Office we have everything crossed for all of you waiting for A-Level results to come out later this week…  We all remember it well and know what a tense time it can be, but remember that whatever happens your options are open. If you have decided to take a Gap […]

Bolivia Project Update – onto Ambue Ari

This is our latest update from the depths of the jungle. Many thanks to Jacob Estrada (AKA Jake’n´Bake) After an exciting morning of Bolvian transport beginning at midnight the previous night, we arrived at Ambue Ari. Unlike Jacj Cuisi, Ambue is tucked away in the jungle surrounded by tall trees and the sound of monkeys and birds […]

Manu Update No.3 – marshmellows and pink sunrises

Third (and probably final) update from the guys in Manu – just 3 days to go… Our first biogarden was completed in five days and we are all extremely proud of our hard work. In the end, we not only built a roof for the garden but also landscaped planting beds and weaved cane to […]