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A constructive gap year will set you apart

With record A-level results coming out today, students should be particularly proud of their achievements – congratulations! That said however, now that so many people are getting top results (1 in 8 students achieved straight As), the competition for university places and jobs is all the more stiff. People with perfect exam results are being […]

Top 10 tips for safe Gap Year travel.

Whether you are travelling as part of a team or going solo there are a few simple things that you can do to make your journey as safe and as enjoyable as possible.  Here are our top ten tips for safe travel: 1.    Check your passport is in date and has adequate room for stamps.  […]

Summer Expedition – Andes to Amazon

La Paz, Ice Climbing and Biking down the ‘World’s Most Dangerous Road’ After the salt flats tour we had just about enough time to in Uyuni to sample the delights of what has been dubbed ‘the best pizzas in South America’ (and they were delicious!) before jumping onto another night bus back to La Paz […]

Solar mobiles to take off in Kenya

Safari com is Kenya’s largest mobile phone company have just launched a brand new solar powered cellular phone.  At the moment in Kenya 17million people own a mobile but just 1.3miilion are reportedly connected to the national grid.  So can the new phone save people money? On average it costs 50 Kenyan shillings to recharge […]

Top Tips for Gap Year Fundraising

Fundraising for your Gap Year may seem like a daunting task, however there are many avenues of potential funding you can explore to help you raise the money you need. These range from organising a crazy sponsored event to writing to charitable and grant making trusts. Just remember, most people are going to be unwilling […]

HIV and Aids Memory Book

Having just returned from Uganda and Kenya I found myself at times lost for words at people’s bravery and strength in the face of adversity.  This a blog entry about one of the issues I encountered, Aids in Africa.  As you read this Aids is taking lives in Sub-Saharan Africa, like a plague it is […]

Wildlife Photographer of the Year Preview

BBC Wildlife has put out a sneak preview of two of the shortlisted images for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009. The full set of nearly 100 winners will be displayed at the Natural History Museum in London from 23rd October 2009. “Hare Spat” Runner up in the Behaviour: Mammals Category   “Footprints” – […]

Final Farewell from Andean Expedition

The Choro Trail: From La Paz we embarked on a 3 day hike along an old Inka trail, starting up at 4900m among snow-capped peaks, and descending through lush cloud forest  to our final destination, the the village of Chairo at 1400m. After the Choro trail we transferred to Coroico for 1.5 days’ well-earned rest […]