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Bolivia Project Update – onto Ambue Ari

This is our latest update from the depths of the jungle. Many thanks to Jacob Estrada (AKA Jake’n´Bake) After an exciting morning of Bolvian transport beginning at midnight the previous night, we arrived at Ambue Ari. Unlike Jacj Cuisi, Ambue is tucked away in the jungle surrounded by tall trees and the sound of monkeys and birds […]

Manu Update No.3 – marshmellows and pink sunrises

Third (and probably final) update from the guys in Manu – just 3 days to go… Our first biogarden was completed in five days and we are all extremely proud of our hard work. In the end, we not only built a roof for the garden but also landscaped planting beds and weaved cane to […]

Pensulo Maternity Clinic Goes Live!

As if by coincidence for International Women’s Day on 8th March, we heard some absolutely fantastic news from Malawi we just had to share…. Pensulo Maternity, HIV & Health Centre finally has its electricity connected & on!! Serving a population of over 40,000 in a wide area around Pensulo village in Malawi, the clinic provides expectant […]

Updates from South America

Our Rio & VM conjoined family are off trekking in the Bolivian Andes, in the Condoriri area and are off the grid for a few days, but managed to send us a quick tale of their latest shenanigans just before they left – thanks guys!   “Following a hard few days of trekking, we rewarded […]

Bolivian Expedition

  We have been on the edge of our seats waiting to hear from Team Bolivia who have been gallavanting across South America these past weeks…  Here is what they have to say:  Random fact #1: Pete uses female deodorant (pete of course being the teams intrepis Expedition Leader) Arriving back in La Paz after […]

Rio team are one week in…

One week into their Gap adventure, Team Rio have taken time out from their daily Portuguese lessons to give us an update…  And had time for some amature dramatics…       “After a rainy first day in Brazil, all eight of us are quickly adjusting to the rhythms of Rio. Between the sun, sand, […]

Our First Taste of South America

Our Villa Maria Gap Team have been out in Ecuador for over a week now and have just sent through their first official blog – thanks everyone. Week One: “We have already  been in Ecuador for one week, what a wonderful country full of adventures and surprises!!!  Our first adventure began last weekend with the […]

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