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This is crazy, The Liger! and Tigron!

Rarely am i lost for words Tigron Liger-The liger is a hybrid cross between a male lion and a female tiger. It is denoted scientifically as Panthera tigris × Panthera leo.A liger resembles a lion with diffused stripes. They are the largest cats in the world, although the Siberian Tiger is the largest pure sub-species. […]

World Water Day 2009

With World Water Day 2009 coming up on Sunday 22nd March, Excellent Development, our project partner in Kenya, have been conducting some interesting research into the contrast between the massive choice of bottled water we have here in the UK compared to the limited access to a clean water supply faced by rural villages in […]

Countdown to Chicken Week! 3days to go!!

Preparations are in full swing for what is tipped to be the biggest event of the year – Quest Overseas Chicken Week 2009! Suggestions have been flooding in, including swimming in the sea, dancing the birdy song and catching the Eurostar to Paris (one step too far I think?!). If you would like me to […]

Brazil team leaves their project

After a fantastic month of work in Mangueira complex, improving the lives of the children in Casa Lar and entertaining the hundreds of kids in the Tia Neuma school (not to mention their fantastic exploits in the Rio Carnival parade), the team has now moved onto their expedition. I believe they are currently enjoying the […]

Climb Kilimanjaro

Not wanting to be out done by the comic relief lot, (though we are impressed) we know that we can do it better. So in light of chicken week, on the condition we raise the money to house and build the chicken farm, we will climb Kili and parade around the top sporting our out-fits […]

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Seeing green, leprechauns, shamrocks and pints of guinness everywhere you go today? Never fear… you aren’t going mad – today marks St Patrick’s Day, the annual celebration of the patron saint of Ireland. Cue public holidays and days off work in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and (most bizarrely)the tiny Carribbean island of Montserrat. […]

Gap Fair – Ashby School

As I write Andy and Jon are at Ashby School in Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire waiting to answer any questions you might have about our projects or gap years in general. So go along and say hello! The fair lasts from 10:45am til 2pm and directions to the school are here!

Comic Relief – Red Nose Day…All Day…Today!

For the chance to see Robbie Williams dressed as a little girl and French and Saunders last ever sketch tune into BBC1 from 7pm tonight and watch the Comic Relief TV Extravaganza. For a taste of the former delight have a look at the clip on the BBC News Page! Comic Relief this year is […]

Last night I dreamed of chickens…

Chicken Week – begins 23rd March. Last night I dreamed of chickens, there were chickens everywhere, they were standing on my stomach, they were nesting in my hair, they were pecking at my pillow, they were hopping on my head, they were ruffling up their feathers as they raced about my bed. They were on […]

Thanks St Swithun’s for the lasagne!

Another successful gap fair last night, thanks to the staff and students of St Swithun’s Winchester for hosting the event, we hope you found it useful – and thank you for the tasty dinner! These events often serve as great opportunities for us to learn about what everyone else is getting up to in the […]

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