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Movie time! Excellent Work in Kenya

A few films I found from the quest overseas archive, you might recognize a few familiar faces.  Rob just look at you with your cherub like features, you’ve not changed a bit!     If you want to know more about our work in Kenya then click on the blue Kenya!

Bolivia Team 1 Update, onto the project

Written by team member Nicholas Hirschfeld, worthy of a Booker prize perhaps???! On Wednesday, the third of February, we arrived in Potosi and acclimatized to the 4300 meter altitude. The following morning we donned green jumpsuits, Wellies and helmets with headtorches and went to the miner´s market. There, we drank 96% alcohol and chewed coca […]

Parque Machia, please help.

This video was put together by the guys over in Bolivia, a harsh reminder of the problems that the park faces, the stupidity and the power of the local government and the help that you can give by offering your support.  If you wish to volunteer at the park please click on the link CIWY […]

Photos from Villa Maria Team in Ecuador

We’ve been promised an update is on its way. In the meantime however, here are a couple of images of their weekend in the Ecuador countryside. The waterfall was a bit strong to brave a dip, it looks as if they were getting wet enough from there anyway… So was that camera balanced on top […]

Classic Villa Maria

This takes me back. Darwin did you ever wash all that black paint out your hair? Nick your bum cheeks are forever immortalized on the car roof, Symon can you still move like that for the ladies sake I hope not? Ruben you beast, Piers your side step belongs on strictly and finally Dan you […]

Bolivia Team 2 Project Update

Written by two people known as Thumble and Josh (…). It’s actually 4 weeks after they did this, but better late than never! When we arrived at Parque Jacj Cuisi, hot and sweaty after our truck ride in sitting on metal poles and holding onto a pram, it signaled the start of our month long […]

Bolivia Team 2 start their Expedition

Now they’re coming thick and fast, keep it up guys! Our next blog entry finds us on a long bus from Ambue Ari to La Paz, having finished the project phase of our trip. It was strange to leave the now familiar confines of the rainforest and be thrown headlong into the ways of city […]

Recruiting for 2011 – come to Peru

The project this summer in Peru was such a success that the guys over there are spreading the word to continue the good work in 2011. Have a look at this (yet another!) video showing the sort of work our teams are involved in in Villa Maria. With 13 years working there, the project is […]

Matt and Rob in Apolobamba

Rob and Matt have just sent through some of the latest footage of their time in Bolivia.  They have been investigating the North side of Lake Titikaka, a side of South America people rarely visit.  An area of unrivaled natural beauty, something that even Robs foul orange jacket couldn’t ruin.  

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