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Bolivia Team Finally out of the jungle – update

Six weeks all crammed into a few lines, prepare yourselves… The private bus journey from La Paz to Rurrenebaque consisted of 18 hours of extreme Bolivian Boy Racing around cliff edges. ´Sit on the left´ is the advice is you want to stare death in the face. Suprisingly only one Questy member hurled, whether this […]

Successful businessmen who didn’t need uni

  So we’re told that university is the path to a good career and a successful life. Yes that’s true for many but it’s definitely not for everyone. Here are a few names who didn’t finish uni, but didn’t do too badly for themselves either: Sir Alan Sugar Sir Richard Branson Bill Gates Bernie Ecclestone […]

Why pay to volunteer?

Why should I pay to Volunteer on a Quest Overseas Project? It’s not an uncommon question – if I am giving my time why do they also need my money? Below is a brief summary of where the money goes on a Quest Overseas project.  To start with it pays for your lodging, transport, activities […]

Thanks from Malawi

  As all of the Malawi summer team this year can testify, Malawi really is the warm heart of Africa. The welcome we had in Pensulo was amazing and more than a few tears were shed when we said goodbye last week. Congratulations and huge thanks to the team for all their hard work and […]

Snapshots from the Malawi Project

A brief insight into the Malawi project 2010… Constructing the waiting area for the clinic in Pensulo…. Working at the feeding centre…. Teaching first aid, sign language, dance and theatre with the local Scouts… Playing (and watching) football matches with the youth group and against local teams… Organising a sports day for primary school children… […]

Why not improve your vocabulary, learn a language or brush up on your maths skills whilst donating grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Programme to help end hunger. For each question you answer correctly, donates 20 grains of rice to the WFP to be distributed in areas which need it most. […]

Expedition British Standard Layman’s Guide

A few years ago, the British Standards Institute brought out a standard for overseas expeditions, known as BS8848 (8848 is the height in metres of Everest). The standard itself was made up of a hefty tome of a document, well over a hundred pages long. While those who actually ran expeditions may take the time […]

A Long Walk for Malawi

This Sunday saw the inaugral fundraising “Walk for Malawi” in aid of our project partner Joshua Orphan and Community Care. Quest’s Sarah & Heather took up the challenge joined by Tom Faith and conquered a mammoth 23mile round trip across the South Downs Way to and from Eastbourne. Starting from a pub in Eastbourne at […]

Fundraiser for our Bolivia Project in London

For all of you which took part in our Bolivia project over the past 8 years, this could be for you. The project’s charity – Inti Wara Yassi – are holding a fundraising event in London on Friday 8th October 2010, in honour of Nena’s visit to the UK. It’s taking place at the Artesian Well, […]

Gap Fairs this week in Reading and Oxford

If you are thinking of taking a Gap Year but are not sure what your options are then why not come along to one of the two Gap Year Fairs happening in Reading and Oxford this week. A whole range of Gap Year providers will be there, including ourselves to answer any of your questions. […]

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