Eton shut for a week, time to plan your gap year!

Eton College is the latest place in the UK to suffer from swine flu. After confirming one student tested positive for the virus, they have decided to close the school for a week as a precautionary measure. As this is one of the finest schools in the country, we are sure that the boys won’t […]

HOME – A film to be released 5th June

HOME is a feature film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand shot from above in more that 50 countries. HOME addresses our impact on the planet and sets out our current situation but keeps the faith that a solution exists. More than a movie, HOME will be a major event all over the globe. On June 5th, World […]

Brazil Project Close to Fundraising Target

  Although the team’s time at the Rio project in Brazil over for the year, their work is far from done. They have set up a fundraising page to help support some fundamental needs which came to their attention while at the project. They are so close to their £4,000 target, if you feel you […]

Thank you Zoe, Villa Maria will miss you!

Zoe McGivern, pictured above sharing her fantastic cooking skills during the first cake making lesson at our Villa Maria school in Lima, Peru, has been supporting the teaching programme out there since September last year. Her main work has been teaching English to the school kids, aged 3 to 7, but that has been far […]

Holiday hustle

Check out the new series of ‘the real hustle’ on BBC3 and find out how to avoid the con abroad. Episode 1 includes ‘the teddy bear’, ‘fake taxi driver’ and learning how to rip a phone book in half!Catch the programme on Mondays at 8.30pm or on BBCiplayer.

Gap Fair on Saturday – Rugby School

Andy and I will be at Rugby School on Saturday for their annual Gap Fair so do come along and say hi. The fair kicks off at 9:30am and finishes at 11:45am – directions to Rugby School can be found here! If you have any questions at all about any of our projects or expeditions, […]

Bolivia have decided to tunnel back to the Sea

Plans for a tunnel linking Bolivia to the Pacific Ocean have been unveiled by three architects who say it could put an end to a 130 year-old dispute between the landlocked country and its neighbour, Chile. The three Chilean architects claim the tunnel would allow Bolivia to regain access to the sea since it was […]

Special Internet Cafe moment

What else are you meant to do when a classic such as ‘Hero’ comes on in an Internet cafe in Babati, Tanzania? Nice one Dixon and the girls! More videos from Tanzania are coming very soon so watch this space! Want to volunteer in Tanzania in 2010?

Going Bananas for Fuel in Africa

Researchers at Nottingham University have come up with an ingenious new and sustainable source of fuel across Africa….Bananas. Bananas are an important and versatile crop across many countries in Africa, being used for food, wine and beer. However, according to the scientists for every tonne of bananas, there are an estimated 10 tonnes of waste, […]

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