Supporting a Teacher for Villa Maria

A big thank you to Selsey Walking Group, including Katie’s aunt, who have raised £120 which will support a teacher in the Quest school in Villa Maria for a year.  Achievements like this are massively important in determining the success of the school – the building may be built, but without support for the teachers, it can’t fulfil […]

Quest Overseas Going Live!

Quest Overseas has officially gone live!  You can now speak to us on Live Chat, from the link in the top right-hand corner of each page.  We’ll be on hand to answer any of your questions, during office hours 9am-5.30pm Mon-Fri, excluding public holidays. And just to show our age, we felt what best summed this […]

Fantastic night at the Quest Reunion

Quest teams from across the years descended on London on Sunday to party in style at the Annual Reunion and the night was a resounding success! Teams glammed-up for the Black Tie theme, dresses, tuxes and bowties galore….and one dodgy satin suit courtesy of Si….leaving muddy walking boots and dirty project clothes as a thing […]

New Years Eve Party Plug

After they looked after us so well at our reunion party last Sunday, we thought it only fair to help plug the Artesian Well’s New Years Eve party, the place to be in Clapham on the 31st! Tickets are selling fast apparently, so if you are looking for a place to go out south of […]

Another postcard from Bolivia

Our office queen Sarah Bareham is very popular with our South America teams this year, yet another postcard has arrived for her this morning. Not one for the rest of us so far this year! She’s actually currently overseas herself, so here it is Sarah for you to enjoy.

Royal Geographical Society

I was fortunate enough last night to be invited to the launch of rediscovering African Geographies at the R.G.S. it  was both interesting and engaging.  , the exhibition shows, from an African perspective, how culture, international relations, language and conflict have shaped the geography we know today. It uses maps, photographs and literature from our Collections […]

Bolivia Team 1 on the Expedition – more bus issues!

Courtesy of Eugenia Pactitti, read on! We began our expedition phase with a 5am wakeup only to be told that the bus wasn´t showing up and there was an unexpected last minute change of plan meaning that rather than trekking in the Apolobamba ranges, we were going a short 2 hour drive out of La […]

Having a bad hair day?

I am yet to meet anyone that has not suffered the sinking feeling you get when looking in the mirror and realizing that it is going to be yet another bad hair day!  A day on which one’s hair seems unmanageable.  Animals can also incur these unfortunate days, here are a few of my favorites.    […]

Andean Expedition Team – Sand boarding photos

Well…we haven’t a blog from them yet but thanks to expedition leader James we have the next best thing – some cracking photos of the Andean Expedition team’s time sandboarding and dune buggying at the Huacachina Oasis. Enjoy! Inspired….? Why not join one of our Gap Year teams heading out to South America in 2012?! […]

Tanzania Gap Team #1 – puppies, termites, and bucket showers

Resisting the urge to only talk about the puppies that were born this morning (6 of them, 6 of us-Fate?) and the ridiculously cute baby we’ve just met, our first week has been the cliched adventure a gap year is supposed to be. So far we have endured earthquakes, lightning, sunburn, a questionable landrover, termite […]

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