Quest team supports Godchance in Tanzania

The Tanzania 2008 January GAP team have been getting together to sponsor one of the the builders from their project. Godchance (above far left) has worked with Quest Overseas for the last few years on our project based in Mshiri on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro.  Godchance not only worked alongside all of the volunteers […]

Ivan Branckenbury

Last night Jon and I were supposed to go see Ivan Brackenbury with the Active Parity lads, however one cried off at the last minute, (you know who you are, I’m not angry just very disappointed!) at the Brighton Comedy Festival. It was fantastic, oh how we laughed, recommend it to everyone that isn’t easily […]

Brighton Comedy Festival

Doom and gloom and grey skies have signalled the start of Autumn 2008.  So what better way to cheer up than pop down to Brighton, not only to see us but to see some top-class comedy too? The BBC has even reported that Comedy clubs have avoided the squeeze of the credit crunch because having […]

Early African Exodus

Scientists have found a possible new route taken by early modern humans as they expanded out of Africa to colonise the rest of the world. Researchers, from the universities of Bristol, Southampton, Oxford, Hull and Tripoli in Libya, have confirmed that there was a new possible route where rivers once flowed from the central Saharan […]

X Factor or Spoof? Hard to tell!

That was the most worrying thing about Peter Kay’s programme last night, it was hard to notice much difference between this spoof version and the real thing. I think we’ve got a few new routines for our stage shows at the kids’ project in Villa Maria, Peru this coming year though, that’s how I’m justifying […]

Ray Mears

You’re lost in the middle of nowhere.Dusk is present, soon to be greeted by the imminent blanket of darkness.You are hungry and wet, you notice a figure walking towards you in shorts and penknife in hand. Struck by fear you can’t move! That is until you notice it’s Ray Mears, warmth fills from within – […]

Thanks Mum for the Meat!

What better to cheer you up on a grey Monday afternoon than a good piece of meat to chew on?  For some people it might be a big lump of chocolate but I love savory.  This week I have a tasty bit of lamb, the left over’s of the Deaville Sunday lunch.  While chewing on […]

Cyberspace Nightmares

Sorry to anyone who tried to email our office this afternoon, a change in broadband provider wasn’t quite as smooth as was expected… Normal service to be resumed tomorrow!

Gurkha’s face yet another battle

Gyanendra Rai gazes at the smoke as it curls upwards from the funeral pyre and thins out over the rooftops of Pashuputi Nath, the world’s most sacred Hindu temple.Rai thought of this place when artillery shrapnel chewed into the side of his back and right shoulder while he was fighting for the British army in […]

Bringing Latino Life to Brighton

So what did you do with your weekend? I’ll tell you what we did. With the summer finally treating us with a nice weekend for once, we hit the beach in Brighton for some extremely competetive beach football, beach volleyball and even competetive barbeque-ing (“put more coal on it … turn that burger over … […]