Thanks Mum for the Meat!

What better to cheer you up on a grey Monday afternoon than a good piece of meat to chew on?  For some people it might be a big lump of chocolate but I love savory.  This week I have a tasty bit of lamb, the left over’s of the Deaville Sunday lunch.  While chewing on […]

Cyberspace Nightmares

Sorry to anyone who tried to email our office this afternoon, a change in broadband provider wasn’t quite as smooth as was expected… Normal service to be resumed tomorrow!

Gurkha’s face yet another battle

Gyanendra Rai gazes at the smoke as it curls upwards from the funeral pyre and thins out over the rooftops of Pashuputi Nath, the world’s most sacred Hindu temple.Rai thought of this place when artillery shrapnel chewed into the side of his back and right shoulder while he was fighting for the British army in […]

Bringing Latino Life to Brighton

So what did you do with your weekend? I’ll tell you what we did. With the summer finally treating us with a nice weekend for once, we hit the beach in Brighton for some extremely competetive beach football, beach volleyball and even competetive barbeque-ing (“put more coal on it … turn that burger over … […]

South Africa 2010 – World Cup Mascot revealed

ZAKUMI! A cuddly leopard with a green afro has been unveiled as the mascot of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The character, called Zakumi, has been given his own biography and name to reflect the country’s aims and hopes. Organisers said the character was ‘born’ on 16 June, 1994 – the year in […]

Rhea loose in Cheshire

Beware on the roads of Cheshire for ‘big bird’!  A 5ft Rhea has escaped from a property in Culcheth, Warrington. It is not dangerous but motorists and cyclists have been warned by local police as it could cause a traffic accident. The rhea, a native of South America is a flightless bird but they do […]

Sound as a pound?

The number of counterfeit one pound coins in circulation has doubled in the last five years, a report by the BBC revealed on Monday. More than 30 million pound coins — one in every 50 in circulation — are believed to be fake as organised criminal gangs continue to flood the monetary system. The illegal […]

New Bond film scenes in Bolivia, or are they?

Here in the office, we’re all as excited as you obviously are about the new James Bond film, coming out in November. According to the film, part of his mission takes place in Bolivia. In reality though, they actually did all that filming about 50 miles from the Bolivian border in Chile. They claim that […]