Latest from Malawi

Hello from Malawi!! Almost into our last week of Malawi and we are all still having an amazing time! We have almost finished refurbishing the feeding centre and its kitchen and the boys have been keeping up their carpentry skills with refurbishing the desks for the primary school. The villagers are extremely friendly and always […]

Have you thought through your volunteer placement?

Volunteering overseas to help empoverished or orphaned children leaves little room for criticism, doesn’t it? This blog entry undoubtedly has a different feel to that of my last ‘leader in the field’ update from Sucre. It may well make a difficult read for some as I do not intend to hold back from some hard […]

The Jury’s out on Ceviche – The Expedition Continues

After our relaxed day having finished our Colca Canyon trek, we returned to Arequipa on the 6.30am bus, I.e. 7.45am ( Peru doesn’t have a talent for time keeping). Arequipa greeted us with ice creams, wifi, a warm shower and a nice meal, a welcome change from our ambitious but none the less questionable trek […]

Villa Maria Team halfway through the project

A Day in the Life of a Villa Maria Volunteer By Tilly Danby and Zoe Kayton Ten alarm clocks sound at 6.15 am and the team awakens with the good intention of going for a jog. On a usual day about half us will actually leave the cosy confines of our beds and head out […]

The Quest Team Man the Water Station with Help from Portugual

Hello hello, Brighton had a great Marathon on Sunday, with over 10.000 participants. Quest4Change marked its presence doing volunteer work. We had a water station at the end of the 6th mile, and me and my fellow Portuguese friends were there to help with the water station, as we are trying to get involved with […]

Villa Maria Gap Team descends on Quito!

Our very first team update of the year, written by the talented Mr Noah Shasha. With nationalities spanning the globe, nine adults converge upon the bustling metropolis that is Quito; four Redcoats, two Yanks, one Spaniard, a Canadian, and a Frenchwoman take their first step on what is sure to be an extraordinary adventure. Despite […]

Expedition update number 2

  Tussled once more by our blaring alarms, nine travelers clutch their heads as they slowly but surely become accustomed to the altitude of Lake Titicaca; taking part in a few traditional meals consisting of abundant trout, trying on the cholits’ local garb, and gliding across it’s placid surface via kayak to the isle of […]