Top Gear tackles Bolivia

You may have been glued to the tele over Christmas in which case you’ve probably already seen it. If not though, warm up your iPlayer and watch the latest Top Gear episode, where they head out to Bolivia and take on the challenge to drive from the Amazon to the Pacific. There will be a […]

Mini Olympics in Villa Maria, Peru

With the Peruvian summer holidays upon us, it’s time to start the fun and games in Villa Maria for the thousands of kids out there. For the past few years now, the traditional first event of the summer is the “Mini Olympics” which take place at our school there. The above video shows some highlights […]

Mt. Meru conquered and added to Africa Exped

Mt. Meru lies just outside the city of Arusha in Tanzania.  It is the third largest mountain in sub saharan Africa (after Mt. Kenya and Kilimanjaro) and is an active stratovolcano.  The climb takes a taxing 3 days to reach the summit at 4562.13m over steep rocky terrain.  The views of the ash crater and […]

IMPORTANT – website bug affecting applications

The Quest Overseas website has been experiencing a minor bug recently relating to our ‘apply now’ pages.  We are currently working to correct the problem.  If you have recently filled in an online application please contact us to confirm that we have received it. UK office phone 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday +44 (0)1273 […]

Andy’s guide to photography part 2

This week we are starting with some simple terminology that will greatly affect how you go about taking any photo.  It doesn’t mater what kind of camera you have the same principles apply. Shutter speed – the length of time the shutter is open for.  The longer it is open the more light is let […]

165 Travel Grants on offer

Anyone taking a gap year next year and planning a structured placement as part of their year may want to consider applying for support from the Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust. Each year they provide up to 165 grants of £300 each to gap year students. Applications should be made before the start of […]

Welcome home Andy

It is with arms wide open that we welcome home Andrew from his last trip to Africa.  Always ready to throw himself at every opportunity, he never misses a trick. One of Andy’s most impressive skills is listening to the ground and hearing footsteps, being able to predict the exact position of in coming wilder […]

Christmas treats for Villa Maria

Well this seems to be one of the most terrifying Christmas experiences a child could possibly have – with a reindeer that size so close to me, I’d be blocking up the chimney! We have been assured however that the kids in Villa Maria loved this day (they are obviously tougher than I was…), and […]

Paul Deaville – latest marathon sign up

Paul Deaville is our latest sign up for the Brighton Marathon taking place on the 18th April.  He joins Scott, Tom and Josh and has a target of £2000 to sponsor 5 children in Malawi through secondary school. “I’ve never run this far before, should I buy new shoes?” You can sponsor any of our […]

Bill Gates – malaria vaccine

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft says that a vaccine for malaria could be just three years away.  The disease is the biggest single killer the world has ever seen and over 1 million people die from the disease each year.  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has spent billions of dollars to come up with […]