Quest Overseas recommended in the Observer

Tis the season to be talking about gap years! With results looming, the newspapers are featuring the different things you can do on your gap year, as well as the things you need to consider. Last week the Times suggested some volunteer organisations were ripping volunteers off, whilst on a more positive note, this week […]

So who was in Team Kenya.

    Rose Terry Assistant Leader. Throughout the trip Rose carries a rather nasty Alien object in her neck Medical Science is still yet to understand what it might be.  We decided it best that she lived in Quarantine till it can be defined!  Rose also got nasty stomach cramps when it came to the Budget!   […]

Expedition Update, the Andes are cold!

Copacabana: From Arequipa we crossed the border into Bolivia and on to the town of Copacabana, which sits on the shores of lake Titicaca (the highest navigable lake in the world).  Brilliant timing as always, we arrived as they were facing the worst winter for 10 years and the morning we were setting off for a day […]

Premiership fines to increase by 60%

During Swaziland’s Premier Football League annual meeting held yesterday it was agreed that disciplinary fines would increase by 60%.  Teams in outcry have claimed this is not the solution and it will not stomp out violence in the game, and instead it will see suspension of players as teams fail to meet fines laid out […]

Gap year scholarships up to £4000 from the RGS

There are so many fantastic opportunities out there for gap year students nowadays, and although working every hour under the sun in Sainsburys or holding fundraising events at every opportunity certainly help you make the most of your year, it can be difficult to make your funds stretch to cover everything you would like to […]

A constructive gap year will set you apart

With record A-level results coming out today, students should be particularly proud of their achievements – congratulations! That said however, now that so many people are getting top results (1 in 8 students achieved straight As), the competition for university places and jobs is all the more stiff. People with perfect exam results are being […]

Top 10 tips for safe Gap Year travel.

Whether you are travelling as part of a team or going solo there are a few simple things that you can do to make your journey as safe and as enjoyable as possible.  Here are our top ten tips for safe travel: 1.    Check your passport is in date and has adequate room for stamps.  […]

Summer Expedition – Andes to Amazon

La Paz, Ice Climbing and Biking down the ‘World’s Most Dangerous Road’ After the salt flats tour we had just about enough time to in Uyuni to sample the delights of what has been dubbed ‘the best pizzas in South America’ (and they were delicious!) before jumping onto another night bus back to La Paz […]

Solar mobiles to take off in Kenya

Safari com is Kenya’s largest mobile phone company have just launched a brand new solar powered cellular phone.  At the moment in Kenya 17million people own a mobile but just 1.3miilion are reportedly connected to the national grid.  So can the new phone save people money? On average it costs 50 Kenyan shillings to recharge […]