Postcards from Bolivia Team 2

Here in the office we love getting postcards from our teams overseas, so thanks Bolivia 2 for these two beauties!   Follow in the footsteps of Bolivia Team 2 2010 and take join one of our Gap Teams working in the Animal Sanctuaries next year.  

Bolivia Team 2 Update – Sucre week one

Week 1 The team discover why happy hour is happy… many times… After a gruelling flight everyone arrived in one piece…and those who weren´t so fortunate were quickly fixed by a few blasts of oxygen from the airport clinic (La Paz is 4000m high, it can take your breath away…). Sucre is beautiful. We arrived […]

Funds still pouring in for Villa Maria

It’s been over two years now since Katie’s friends and family started supporting our project in Villa Maria, and their dedication has never waned. A hugely successful salsa night near Tewkesbury, a bake sale in the corridors of Watson Wyatt in Westminster, several sponsored runs and many other fantastic efforts has helped to give homes […]

Villa Maria Team, goodbye to the project

Written by Emma Beaumont. It should actually be read before the expedition update, but we just post them when we receive them… As a short disclaimer, this update is incredibly late due to a number of reasons, that are definitely not my fault, I assure you. Waking up with the towering spectacle of Jesus watching […]

Villa Maria Update – First of the Expedition Phase

Leaving the people at Villa Maria proved to be quite emotional for everyone. We realised how much the Peruvians give to this cause and now think Alejandro, Pato, Lucho and the whole team to be some of the most inspirational people we have ever met. As we were walking away the children from the Quest […]

Artistic Talent from Peru Project

This was a few weeks ago now, the first weekend that the team arrived at the project in fact. Do take the time to have a look at our Villa Maria team in action, performing for the communities we work with all year round – who would have known they all had such hidden talents?!

Bolivia Team 1 – Expedition Peru

Welcome to the Quest Overseas Ambue Ari 2010 blog, if you´re a first time reader, you´re in for a treat, because I happen to be a second time writer.  If on the other hand you are a devoted follower then allow me to apologize for the previous blog.  We begin this next chapter in our […]

The results of volunteers’ efforts

According to a recent report by the South Africa-based Human Sciences Research Council, volunteers who travel to the developing world may do more harm than good.   It suggested that volunteers risked undermining local workers and argued that because volunteers stayed a short time, they often ended up doing low-skilled work that would otherwise keep local […]

Justin Bieber?!?!?

Being far too old and much too cool to have any idea who the kid is I will not pass comment this article was brought to my attention and I thought it worthy of a post.      Prank leaves Justin Bieber facing tour of North Korea  Justin Bieber’s Twitter page has become the target of […]

Good Luck to Villa Maria Team’s Sam

Everyone here in the Quest Overseas office is wishing Sam O’Kane and his Dad, Patrick O’Kane the best of luck with their fundraising efforts over the weekend. The fantastic duo are running the Haweswater Half Marathon in Cumbria on Sunday to raise money for our Villa Maria project. Sam is part of the Quest Overseas […]

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