Carbon Offset.

With the bitterly cold weather this Christmas you might be thinking ‘global warming, what global warming?’, but with plans for a 3rd runway and 6th Terminal at Heathrow carbon is still at the forefront of many people’s minds.So should we feel guilty about jetting off around the world? Is there anything that really does ‘offset’ […]

Choose your gap year souvenirs carefully

The British government has started a campaign to help make travellers aware of what they can and cannot bring back to the UK. Not so much focussed on illegal trafficking or smuggling, it’s more looking at preventing unwanted pests or diseases from bringing in food or other organic products. After the past few years, where […]

Kenya Waterelief Video

Check out Excellent Developments video on-line now and learn more about Sandams and how they are changing the lives for many people in rural Kenya. With another year of poor rains in Kenya there is real risk of starvation. Sandams act as reservoirs and can be used to irrigate the land, so this project has […]

Africa loves Bush??!!

While 80% of Americans disapprove of Bush in opinion polls, similar polls in Africa show that the same percentage approved of him while in office.  When he visited Tanzania last February President Jakaya Kikwete praised Bush commenting that he had been “good friends to our country, and Africa.” So why do many African’s like President […]

The first 2009 GAP Team prepares for Departure!

Preparations have been well underway for the past 4 months to get everything ready for the forth coming GAP teams departing in the New Year. The first group to leave for the sunnier climes of Africa are the Tanzania Team. Heading out to Babati near Lake Manyara the group will spend 6 weeks living and […]

Missing the taste of Africa?

Everyone who has taken part on Quest’s Southern Africa Expedition will have had their favourite snakes, nibbles and bites!  Whether it’s Ms H.S. Balls’ Chutney, Nik Naks, Lunch Bars, Biltong or Tastic Rice (perfect every time!) you just cannot find it over here.   There are specialist shops but they are few and far between. […]

What says Xmas more than a pooing man?!

El Caganer, a rather strange figure, has been a characteristic of Nativity scenes all over Catalonia for many years. No self- respecting Catalan Bethlehem scene would be complete without him! Nowadays he comes in many shapes and forms, from monks to shepherds, Barcelona or Madrid football players to famous film stars – all performing the […]

Intern Opportunities at Quest Overseas

If you’re looking for ways to get into the volunteering, expedition or travel industry, Quest Overseas may be able to help. We have regular opportunities for suitable candidates to join our team in our office in Hove as an intern involved either in the operational or marketing side of our organisation (or even both). Working […]

Ancient City Unearthed in Peru

The ruins of an entire city have been discovered in northern Peru, researchers say.  Archaeologists say the find could provide the missing link between the ancient cultures of the Wari people and the earlier Moche civilisation. The site, near the Pacific coastal city of Chiclayo, probably dates to the Wari culture which ruled the Andes […]